VMware support documentation and 3rd party tools list

For all my friends and co-workers that constantly ask can you send me the links for that documentation. I will start compiling a list of all the support documents and tools I currently use for VMware virtualization technologies.


  1. VMware ESXi 5 documentation
  2. VMware vSphere 4.1 documentation


  1. VMware TechPubs video library
  2. VMware Hot Add features
  3. VMware DPM Demo
  4. VMware Fault Tolerance Demo
  5. VMware Distributed switch Demo
  6. VMware vSphere 5 Port Mirroring
  7. Cisco Nexus 1000v Demo
  8. VMware VMDirectPath Demo


  1. RVtools (Inventory your vSphere Infrastructure)
  2. PowerGUI (PowerShell Reporting and Editor for VMware and Microsoft)
  3. vDiagram (Diagram your VI environment with PowerShell and MS Visio)
  4. vCheck (Report of your VI Environment)
  5. PortLock (Virtualization Support for Novell Server Storage for P2V)
  6. CloneZilla (OpneSource Imaging and Cloning Solution)
  7. BleachBit Portable (Temporary File Cleaner Utility)
  8. Inventory Scripts  (Scripts to interact with the vSphere Inventory)
  9. Find Snapshots
  10. Remove Snapshots

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