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Happy New Year! It is 2015, the year were we should all have flying cars, based on the movie “Back to the Future”. What did you do to welcome 2015? This year our family had the privilege to spend time together in Orlando, Florida. At 12:00 midnight we received a called from our extended family in Puerto Rico via Skype and we all got together in front of the computer screen and shared an old family tradition of thanking our creator for all the wonderful things that happen in the previous year.

After I returned from our vacations, I read an article where it explained that during special times (like new year) people get motivated to try new things. A lot of people make resolutions or promises to change their habits or lose weight. After sometime those resolutions won’t stick.

The article made me think and take time to reflect on what had happen in my life during the previous year. We wear many hats – son(daughter), friend, husband(wife), father(mother), employee, business owner. We had different ideas, interactions or experiences during the year. In order for each one of us to grow we need to check our experiences and learn from them. Sometimes we win other times we lose, it does not matter, we can learn from each one of our experiences.

 “Sometimes you win and sometimes you learn” ~John Maxwell

One of my mentors shows me the process he uses to check what he has accomplished during the year. Each month he sits down and review all the meetings, engagements and events he has completed. He showed me to spend some time reflecting on each one of them, celebrate the good and learn from the mistakes. This has been a tremendous help to help me focus in the future and not get stuck in the past.

What can I do better this year?

Each one of us, wants to improve our life, do better in school, our jobs and families. Help more people with our organizations. In order for us to achieve this goals we should sit down, review our previous year and try to ask ourselves a couple of thinking questions that can help us realize where we are and where we want to go.

Thinking Questions

  • What did I spend too much time doing?
  • What things did not help me?
  • Was there something I could delegate to someone else?
  • What can I do differently to reach my goals or ideas?
  • Did I missed any important events with my family?
  • Are my priorities aligned with my goals or ideas for this year?
  • What did I missed last year that I can’t missed this year?
  • Did I helped someone this year?
  • How will I help someone this year?
  • How can I grow and be better this year?
  • Do I have a plan to grow and improve in my personal, spiritual and professional life?
  • Can I start learning something new these year? (Language, hobby, Personal or Spiritual Growth)

By taking time to reflect and learn from my good and bad experiences in the previous year, month or week. Each time I learn from my experiences it helps me to grow into the person I was created to be.

If you haven’t already looked at your previous year or month, take the time look into your wins and losses, the look to see how you can grow to be the person you were created to be.


Image Copyright: https://www.flickr.com/photos/jdhancock/4100030094

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