Create a Base Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V

Now we have your Client Hyper-V installed and the network configured. The next step is to create a virtual machine so you can use it as a template. We will go thru the process on creating your first virtual machine. 1. In your Hyper-V Manager Application, Right Click in your …

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Configure Network for Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V

In this post I will go thru the steps to configure the network for your Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V. This is needed so your VM’s can connect to the network. 1. Open your start screen and look for the Hyper-V Management Tools group. And click Hyper-V Manager   2. Click …

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Installation of Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-v

In this quick post, I will go thru the steps to install Client Hyper-V via Powershell. In this way you can have a script ready and install it on all your computers. 1. Query your computer for the Hyper-V feature. Get-WindowsOptionalFeature –online | ? {$_.featurename –like “*Hyper*”} You can see …

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How to enable PowerShell Web Access

Windows 2012 include a very nice feature called PowerShell Web Access. This feature allows you to access a powershell session via a web browser. Steps to enable and configure PowerShell Web Access Open PowerShell Session Install the PowerShell Web Access Feature Install-WindowsFeature -Name WindowsPowerShellWebAccess -IncludeManagementTools -Restart After server reboot, configure …

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Get a list of the Windows Server 2012 Firewall Rules

Here is a quick way to get a report for the Windows Firewall rules in Windows Server 2012. Enabled Firewall Rules Get-NetFirewallRule | Where-Object {$_.Action -eq “Allow”} | Format-Table -Property DisplayName Disabled Firewall Rules Get-NetFirewallRule | Where-Object {$_.Enabled -eq “False”} | Format-Table -Property Displayname

How to create a new AD Forest with Windows 2012 Server Core

Here is a quick guide on how to build a new forest (domain controller) with Windows 2012 Server Core. 1. Login to your Windows 2012 Server Core. 2. Configure Server Name and Assign Static IP Address with Sconfig.cmd 3. Add Active Directory Server Role Open a PowerShell Window Import-Module ServerManager …

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Change Windows Server 2012 Storage Space Pool from Read to Read/Write

After you rebuild a Windows Server 2012 server all the storage spaces will default to read-only mode. Here are two commands to set them back to read/write mode. Get-StoragePool | Where-Object {$_.IsReadonly –eq  $True } | Set-StoragePool –IsReadonly $False Get-VirtualDisk | Where-Object {$_.IsManualAttach –eq $True} | Set-VirtualDisk –IsManualAttach $False