TechEd 2013 Storage Related Sessions

Last week in New Orleans , Microsoft presented their new solutions based on Windows Server 2012 R2.  Microsoft message to their customers is that they can deliver enterprise class storage with commodity hardware.  Tiering, caching, optimization for the commodity hardware. Transform the Datacenter with Server and Management Innovations from Microsoft  …

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Change Windows Server 2012 Storage Space Pool from Read to Read/Write

After you rebuild a Windows Server 2012 server all the storage spaces will default to read-only mode. Here are two commands to set them back to read/write mode. Get-StoragePool | Where-Object {$_.IsReadonly –eq  $True } | Set-StoragePool –IsReadonly $False Get-VirtualDisk | Where-Object {$_.IsManualAttach –eq $True} | Set-VirtualDisk –IsManualAttach $False