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Creating Azure Stack Tenant Offer via PowerShell

When you start working with Microsoft Azure Stack you can automate a lot of the configuration via PowerShell. This quick video and script will help you create Tenant Offers via PowerShell.      


Adding drivers to Microsoft AzureStack TP2 CloudBuilder.vhdx

So Microsoft release their latest Technical Preview of Azure Stack and everyone looks to be exited about it. Of course it is bringing the power of Azure to your datacenter or in my case to my basement 🙂 .  After downloading the bits and extracting it. I found was stuck. I couldn’t boot the server […]

Carlos Vargas Hyper-V Virtualization Windows

Install Operating System in your Base Virtual Machine

In this post we will install the Windows 2012 R2 Operating System on our BaseImage Virtual Machine. This will help us to create multiple virtual machines later from a single image. 1. In the Hyper-V Manager, select the VM created in the previous step. Ex: BaseImage and click settings. 2. In the settings screen Select […]


Microsoft Private Cloud Configuration Capacity Limit

While learning a new technology it is always helpful to use some quick guides to help me remind myself of the information. Here are the current capacity limit per each cloud. Cloud Capacity Minimum Maximum Virtual CPU 1 2,147,483,647 Memory (RAM) GB 1 2,097,152 Storage (GB) 1 2,147,483,467 GB Virtual Machines 1 2,147,483,647