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How to Use Social Media in Your Video Marketing Strategy

Videos tend to be the most popular form of viral content that can earn high ROI for your business. The momentous success of a well-drafted video marketing plan can bring to your brand is undeniable.

Few early-adopters of technology benefitted their marketing strategies with the introduction of this truly distinctive info-sharing medium. And the upcoming years would also harness from the fastest and most viral form of content strategy and the enormous engagement it would draw for brands.

So, for marketers, who are yet waiting for the big moment when they can cash in from social video marketing, should start working now. Creating videos won’t be enough, as they should be in sync with your product-funnel. Videos should be engagement rich which would force the user to opt for your product instead of the competitors.

Distribution or social sharing of the videos form the strongest pillar which needs to be well thought of. With tons of videos uploaded each hour and the viewership figures crossing millions, the social networks should not be ignored while drafting the video marketing plan.

Getting a clear understanding of this critical yet highly essential element of online marketing is a must for newbie marketers. To be like a Pro, you must follow what the Pro marketers do, create engaging and content rich-videos. Sharing a few social trends that would be prevailing in 2019.

Facebook And YouTube Still Lead the Race

Facebook and YouTube are still the most searched and viewed social platforms.

From small business to Fortune 500 brands, each of them has their presence marked on Facebook. YouTube accounts for millions of searches daily for How-to videos.

Create Personalized Videos

Customers need to be delighted at every point of the funnel. They need to be made to ‘feel special’ by your brand. Personalized videos help you build lasting relations, earn brand advocates and loyalists. Integrate your E-mail marketing strategies with Video Marketing.  Grab the attention of your viewers, embed a personalized video within the email. Get ready to witness whopping click-through-rates for your e-mail campaigns.

Share Across All Social Media Networks

Don’t just glue your marketing strategies to Facebook and YouTube. This way you would be missing on crowds that are using other prominent social networks. Include Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Tumblr in your distribution channels. Also, take care of the viewer’s interests and those who access these networks according to their preferences.

Create Short, Content-Rich and Information Loaded Videos

Poor-quality videos are not preferred by viewers and can be skipped in a mere 2-3 seconds. Prioritize your campaign with the product/service offering. Focus primarily on the content and information that would be displayed.

Some of the proven and successful hacks Pro marketers used to engage viewers are keeping the videos short, identifying the problem and offering a solution. Giving apt details related to the product and the brand. No fake promises and not too much brand promotion.

Assure Viewability Across Devices and Platforms

Sharp and crisp videos fetch greater viewers. Check your video creation set-up and sound quality. There should not be background music that is too loud or confusing voice-overs. Also, the videos should be built keeping in view multiple-device viewability. Not every viewer can afford HD. So, build videos with standard definition and they must be responsive across all devices.

It all starts with the customer and ends with their satisfaction. So, a completely customer-centric approach should be the vision of your social video marketing strategy in 2019. Choose the social way for your video campaigns and don’t forget to gauge the performance of your video marketing campaigns.

Marketing Video

List of Awesome Video Marketing Tools Every Marketer Should Know

If you are searching for ways to promote your brand online, video marketing can be one of the best ways. It is undoubtedly an effective way to engage your website visitors and drive traffic to your site. 54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support. Studies have found that by 2019, video traffic will comprise 80% of all internet traffic with 1.9 billion viewers worldwide.

But if you want to promote your brand through video marketing, you will need the right tools to create impressive videos for your business and promote them. Here is the complete list of video marketing tools available to promote your business.


Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, Animoto makes it easy to create marketing videos that get your brand noticed. A well-placed video can entice your audience to learn more and drive traffic your way.


Filmora is a video editing software service built for starters who would like to spend less time understanding the basic functionalities of a video editing software and focus more on their task of creating and editing videos.

Common Craft

Common Craft is a library of cut-out figures and still images that come with all Professional subscriptions. These videos can be used by educators to inspire confidence in using technology and the internet.


Wideo is an online tool that allows you to create videos and presentations in a very easy and user-friendly way. With Wideo, you don’t need to have any previous video editing or design knowledge.


Wistia provides video hosting services for businesses, including adding videos to the web, tracking performance and building audiences.


Vimeo is a video sharing platform that is known for people who like to create tech tutorials or gamers who like to show off their video gaming skills.


WeVideo is the online video editor that makes it easy to capture, create, view and share your movies at up to 4K resolution for stunning playback anywhere.


Vidyard is an online video platform for business which allows you to increase leads, accelerate your pipeline and delight your customers.


Vyond combines an intuitive, powerful video editing platform with the training, support, and enterprise-level security to ensure that organizations of any size and individuals of any skill level can make media that moves.


Magisto is an online video editor with a web application as well as a mobile app for automated video editing and production aimed at consumers and businesses.


VideoScribe is easy, quick and inexpensive. You can create great animated videos in no time without any editing skills.


Videoshop is a fast and easy video editor to personalize your videos and share them with friends. Videoshop is compatible with iPhone and iPad videos only. Using videos from other platforms may cause instability or crashes.


Viewbix is a video analytics and technology company that helps companies understand what messages are resonating with their video viewers and how to leverage that data to enrich and empower a more effective video experience.


PowToon is a web-based animation software that allows you to quickly and easily create animated presentations with your students by manipulating pre-created objects, imported images, provided music and user created voice-overs.


VideoLean is the platform where you can explain what’s your business about through an explanatory video. Make templated videos quickly and cheaply without film-making knowhow.


Picovico is a tool that helps you “transform pictures, text, and music into a polished video”. The process of making video completes in simple four steps – adding photos, selecting the style, selecting music and creating the video, generally taking just one minute.

Use the video marketing tools mentioned above to create amazing videos and generate leads or engage audiences.

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Top 5 Video Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Being a marketer, you might come across a lot of trends every week online. But you should not start following any marketing trend just because it’s new and trendy as the majority of trends take no time to fade away.

So, before pulling the trigger, make sure it’s the right video marketing trend for your brand. But always keep an eye over them as you continue your quest to optimize your video marketing. These are the video trends to keep an eye on over the upcoming year.

Live Videos

The popularity of live streaming videos is continuously growing on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media channels. Research on live streaming shows that this type of video encourages more audience engagement and retains viewers longer than prerecorded video.

“80% of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog.”

“By 2020, live streaming is expected to account for 82% of all internet traffic.”

Shoppable Video

In today’s digital era, an ever-increasing number of brands are simplifying purchase making for customers. Shoppable videos, is one such type of content, enabling customers to purchase while watching. The latest trend in shoppable content is quickly empowering eCommerce, as brands always look to deliver a direct and instant sale.

The best way to use shoppable content is through Video. Nowadays, brands are using these new ads in videos to remove the gap between the customer and the product by engaging them.

“96% of Consumers Finds Videos Helpful While Making a Purchasing Decision.”

VR & 360 Degree Video

360 Degree Video is changing all the standards of video marketing. 360 videos are recorded in all directions, giving you a complete 360-degree view. While watching these videos, you’re able to control the viewing direction and watch the video from whatever perspective you’d like. 360° videos are now something people are increasingly literate in, especially on social media platforms. Brands are turning to 360° video as an essential component of their digital marketing strategy. 360° video ads are a fantastic way of highlighting how your brand is innovative and forward-facing.

“Video ads using 360-degree technology drive 7% higher purchase intent on smartphones and a 12% increase in the belief that a brand has a “unique story to tell” when compared to traditional video ads.”


Blogs are hot but Vlogs are hotter. A vlog, or video blog, is the newest way to engage your audience while kicking up your buzz factor. You can use video to enhance your blog, or you can use it as your blog’s main content. Vlogs help you connect with viewers because of their authenticity and provide your business with instant, massive exposure on the web.

“61 percent of businesses saying they now use video as a marketing tool.”

“69 percent of audiences prefer to watch video when it’s available on a web page.”

Training Videos

Video is becoming a major and must-have tool for training. Video Training program has proven effective to train more employees at a time at a lower cost. It’s a great way to communicate educational, informative and business-critical information effectively while saving you time money and resources. With that said every business should be aiming to produce more videos for their training and learning and development program.

“Readers are 21% more likely to act on an email when it includes a video training.”

Videos offer consumers content that can be quickly and easily digested across a high number of channels. From B2C and B2B perspectives, they are effective at answering questions, giving information and creating relationships, making them a must-have for your digital marketing strategy.

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Do You Want To Get More Customers?

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Untold Tips to Plan an Effective Video Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Videos have become one of the most important tools in the marketing toolkit for almost every business. If you haven’t incorporated videos in your marketing plan, then you are lagging your competitors.

Your video marketing plan doesn’t need to be incredibly detailed, but you should have a good idea of how you’ll align video content with the goals of your company.

Including videos on your landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. In addition, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with other people. Videos are a powerful tool to reach and engage with your target audience.

The following are a few tips that would be helpful while developing an effective video marketing strategy.

  1. Determine the Objective Your Video Will Fulfill

To justify videos that may be related to your B2B product, your business needs to understand why you’re creating video stories, what are you trying to accomplish and with whom. So, you must have a simple, one-liner mission statement, that sums up –

The type of content you want to create.

Who is your target audience?

What’s the value-added to your content?

Outline the Video Topics and Types You’ll Create

Before implementing video across any enterprise, it’s important to outline your scope. Have a look at the functions which will be using videos and the topics you want to cover in the video.

As per your requirement, you should decide which types of stories you’ll need to tell under each of these functions. The type of story should be selected as per the services and products you are showcasing.

Figure Out Who’s Going to Create Content

Depending on the production quality and budget, you might be able to invest in an in-house videographer or even a team of marketers dedicated to creating videos. If you have a high budget, you can outsource an agency to do it for you.

Overall, assess the resources you’ve got and figure out if you’re developing content in-house or outsourcing production, and how you will draw the distinction on various projects.

Where Your Content Will Be Posted

Whether you’re reusing webinar content, creating how-to videos, or behind the scenes interviews with your management team, you need to know where your videos will be live on your website.

You’ll notice that major brands behaving like media companies tend to have entire pages of their websites devoted to video. Take a look at The Lego Group for instance.

To get started with a video on your own site, try incorporating relevant videos into blog posts and creating a video hub where all of your content is organized into categories.

Determine Performance Metrics

The final part of your video marketing strategy is about measuring the value of each video. Track the feedback you are getting and the amount of traffic that’s flowing to your website. Work out what’s working and what isn’t. Like with anything, you need to constantly test to get the best results.

A well-planned video strategy keeps you away from creating aimless content. Your videos should have a purpose aligned with your business goals.

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1000 Fanáticos Verdaderos

Este Articulo fue creando originalmente por Kevin Kelly en el 2008 y todavia tiene toda la vigencia del mundo. Mientras lo estudiaba en ingles pense que nuestra comunidad latina podria beneficiarse de una traducción de ellos. As que aqui esta, disfrutalo y aprende.

Para ser un creador exitoso no necesitas millones. No necesitas millones de dólares o millones de clientes, millones de clientes o millones de fans. Para ganarse la vida como artesano, fotógrafo, músico, diseñador, autor, animador, creador de aplicaciones, empresario o inventor, solo necesita miles de verdaderos fans.

Un verdadero seguidor se define como un seguidor que comprará cualquier cosa que produzcas. Estos fanáticos acérrimos conducirán 200 millas para verte cantar; comprarán el libro de tapa dura y el libro de tapa blanda y las versiones audibles de su libro; comprarán su próxima figura vista no vista; pagarán por la versión en DVD “de lo mejor de” de tu canal de YouTube gratuito; vendrán a la mesa de tu chef una vez al mes. Si tienes aproximadamente mil seguidores o fanáticos verdaderos como este (también conocidos como super fans), puedes ganarte la vida, si estás contento de ganarte la vida pero no una fortuna.

Así es como funcionan las matemáticas. Debe cumplir dos criterios. En primer lugar, usted tiene que crear lo suficiente cada año que usted puede ganar, en promedio, $100 en promedio de cada fanático verdadero. Eso es más fácil de hacer en algunas artes y negocios que en otros, pero es un buen desafío creativo en todas las áreas porque siempre es más fácil y mejor dar a sus clientes existentes más, que encontrar nuevos fans.

En segundo lugar, debes tener una relación directa con tus fanáticos. Es decir, deben pagarte directamente. Usted puede mantener todo su apoyo, a diferencia del pequeño porcentaje de sus tarifas que podría obtener de una etiqueta de música, editor, estudio, minorista u otro intermedio. Si mantienes los $100 completos de cada fanático verdadero, entonces solo necesitas 1,000 de ellos para ganar $100,000 por año. Eso es ganarse la vida para la mayoría de la gente.

Mil clientes es mucho más factible que apuntar a un millón de fans. Millones de fans que paguen por tus servicio o contenido no es un objetivo realista para alcanzar, especialmente cuando estás empezando. Pero mil fans son factibles. Incluso podrías recordar mil nombres. Si añadiste un nuevo verdadero fan por día, sólo tomaría unos años ganar mil.

El número 1.000 no es absoluto. Su importancia está en su áspero orden de magnitud: tres órdenes inferiores a un millón. El número real debe ajustarse para cada persona. Si solo puedes  ganar $50 por año por verdadero fan, entonces necesitas 2,000. (Delmismo modo, si se puede vender $200 por año, sólo necesita 500 verdaderos fans.) O puede que solo necesites $75K por año para vivir, para que te ajustes a la baja. O si usted es un dúo, o tiene un socio, entonces usted necesita multiplicar por 2 para obtener 2,000 fans. Para un equipo, es necesario multiplicar aún más. Pero la buena noticia es que el aumento en el tamaño de su base de verdaderos fans es geométrico y lineal en proporción al tamaño del equipo; si aumentas el equipo en un 33%, solo necesitas aumentar tu base de fans en un 33%.

Otra forma de calcular el apoyo de un verdadero fan es apuntar a obtener un día de salario por año de ellos. ¿Puedeexcitaro o complacerlos lo suficiente para ganar un día de trabajo? Eso es un bar alto, pero no imposible para 1.000 personas en todo el mundo.

Y por supuesto, no todos los fans serán súper. Mientras que el apoyo de mil verdaderos fans puede ser suficiente para ganarse la vida, para cada verdadero fan, es posible que tengas dos o tres fans regulares. Piense en círculos concéntricos con verdaderos fans en el centro y un círculo más amplio de fans regulares a su alrededor. Estos fans regulares pueden comprar sus creaciones de vez en cuando, o pueden haber comprado sólo una vez. Pero sus compras ordinarias amplían sus ingresos totales. Tal vez traigan un 50% adicional. Aún así, quieres centrarte en los súper fans porque el entusiasmo de los verdaderos fans puede aumentar el patrocinio de los fans regulares. Los verdaderos fans no sólo son la fuente directa de sus ingresos, sino también su principal fuerza de marketing para los fans ordinarios.

Fans, clientes, clientes han existido para siempre. ¿Qué hay de nuevo aquí? Un par de cosas. Si bien la relación directa con los clientes era el modo predeterminado en los viejos tiempos, los beneficios de la venta al por menor moderna significaban que la mayoría de los creadores en el siglo pasado no tenían contacto directo con los consumidores. A menudo, incluso los editores, estudios, sellos y fabricantes no tenían información tan crucial como el nombre de sus clientes. Por ejemplo, a pesar de estar en el negocio durante cientos de años, ningún editor de libros de Nueva York conocía los nombres de sus lectores principales y dedicados. Para los creadores anteriores, estos intermedios (y a menudo había más de uno) significaban que necesitas audiencias mucho más grandes para tener éxito. Con la llegada de los omnipresentes sistemas de comunicación y pago peer-to-peer, también conocidos como la web hoy en día, todo el mundo tiene acceso a excelentes herramientas que permiten a cualquier persona vender directamente a cualquier otra persona en el mundo. Así queun creador en Bend, Oregón, puede vender —y entregar— una canción a alguien en Katmandú, Nepal tan fácilmente como un sello discográfico de Nueva York (quizás aún más fácilmente). Esta nueva tecnología permite a los creadores mantener relaciones, para que el cliente pueda convertirse en un fan, y para que el creador mantenga la cantidad total de pago, lo que reduce el número de seguidores necesarios.

Esta nueva habilidad para el creador de retener el precio completo es revolucionaria, pero una segunda innovación tecnológica amplifica aún más ese poder. Una virtud fundamental de una red punto a punto (como la web) es que el nodo más oscuro está a solo un clic del nodo más popular. En otras palabras, el libro, canción o idea más oscuro de subventa, está a sólo un clic del libro, canción o idea más vendido. Al principio del auge de la web, los grandes agregadores de contenido y productos, como eBay, Amazon, Netflix, etc., notaron que las ventas totales de *todos* los artículos oscuros de venta más bajas serían iguales o en algunos casos superarían las ventas de unos pocos artículos más vendidos. Chris Anderson (mi sucesor en Wired) nombró este efecto “The Long Tail”, por la forma visualmente graficada de la curva de distribución de ventas: una línea baja casi interminable de artículos que venden sólo unas pocas copias por año que forman una larga “cola” para la bestia vertical abrupta de una bestia vertical abrupta pocos bestsellers. Pero el área de la cola era tan grande como la cabeza. Con esa visión, los agregadores tenían un gran incentivo para alentar a las audiencias a hacer clic en los elementos oscuros. Inventaron motores de recomendación y otros algoritmos para canalizar la atención a las creaciones raras en la cola larga. Incluso las empresas de búsqueda web como Google, Bing, Baidu encontraron en sus intereses recompensar a los buscadores con lo oscuro porque podían vender anuncios en la cola larga, así. El resultado fue que los más oscuros se volvieron menos oscuros.

Si vivieras en cualquiera de los 2 millones de pueblos pequeños de la Tierra, podrías ser el único en tu ciudad que anhela música de death metal, o que te enciendan susurrando, o que quieras un carrete de pesca zurdo. Antes de la web nunca serías capaz de satisfacer ese deseo. Estarías solo en tu fascinación. Pero ahora la satisfacción está a sólo un clic de distancia. Sean cuales sean tus intereses como creador, tus 1.000 verdaderos fans están a un solo clic de ti. Por lo que puedo decir, no hay nada —ni producto, ni idea, ni deseo— sin una base de fans en Internet. Cada cosa hecha, o pensado, puede interesar al menos a una persona en un millón – es una barra baja. Sin embargo, si sólo una de cada millón de personas estaba interesada, eso es potencialmente 7.000 personas en el planeta. Eso significa que cualquier apelación de 1 en un millón puede encontrar 1.000 verdaderos fans. El truco es encontrar prácticamente a esos fans, o más exactamente, que te encuentren.

Ahora aquí está la cosa; las grandes corporaciones, los intermediarios, los productores comerciales, están bien equipados y no están adecuados para conectarse con estos mil verdaderos fans. Son institucionalmente incapaces de encontrar y ofrecer audiencias y consumidores de nicho. Eso significa que la larga cola está abierta para ti, el creador. Tendrás a tus verdaderos fans de uno en un millón para ti. Y las herramientas para conectarse siguen mejorando, incluidas las recientes innovaciones en las redes sociales. Nunca ha sido tan fácil reunir a 1.000 verdaderos fans alrededor de un creador, y nunca más fácil mantenerlos cerca.

Una de las muchas innovaciones nuevas que sirven al verdadero creador de fans es el crowdfunding. Tener a sus fans financiando su próximo producto para ellos es genial. Ganar-ganar por todas partes. Hay alrededor de 2.000 plataformas de crowdfunding diferentes en todo el mundo, muchas de ellas especializadas en campos específicos: recaudar dinero para experimentos científicos, para bandas o documentales. Cada uno tiene sus propios requisitos y un modelo de financiación diferente, además de intereses especializados. Algunas plataformas requieren metas de financiación “todo o nada”, otras permiten financiación parcial, otras recaudan dinero para proyectos terminados, algunas como Patreon, financian proyectos en curso. Los simpatizantes de Patreon podrían financiar una revista mensual, o una serie de videos, o el salario de un artista. El crowdfunder más famoso y más grande es Kickstarter, que ha recaudado 2.500 millones de dólares para más de 100.000 proyectos. El número promedio de seguidores para un proyecto exitoso de Kickstarter es de 241 underunders, muy menos que mil. Eso significa que si tienes 1.000 verdaderos fans puedes hacer una campaña de crowdfunding, porque por definición un verdadero fan se convertirá en un financiador de Kickstarter. (Aunque el éxito de tu campaña depende de lo que pidas a tus fans).

La verdad es que cultivar mil verdaderos fans consume mucho tiempo, a veces un atormentamiento de nervios, y no para todos. Hecho bien (¿y por qué no hacerlo bien?) puede convertirse en otro trabajo de tiempo completo. En el mejor de los casos será una tarea de medio tiempo que consume y desafiante que requiere habilidades continuas. Hay muchos creadores que no quieren tratar con fans, y honestamente no deberían. Deberían pintar, o coser, o hacer música, y contratar a alguien más para tratar con sus superfans. Si eres tú y agregas a alguien para tratar con los fans, un ayudante sesgará tu fórmula, aumentando el número de fans que necesitas, pero esa podría ser la mejor mezcla. Si vas tan lejos, ¿por qué no “subcontratar” tratando con los fans a la gente del medio, las etiquetas y los estudios y editores y minoristas? Si funcionan para ti, bien, pero recuerda, en la mayoría de los casos serían aún peores en esto que tú.

Las matemáticas de 1.000 verdaderos fans no es una opción binaria. No tienes que ir por esta ruta a la exclusión de otra. Muchos creadores, incluyéndome a mí mismo, usarán relaciones directas con superfans además de intermediarios convencionales. He sido publicado por varias editoriales de Nueva York. He autopublicado. Y he usado Kickstarter para publicar a mis verdaderos fans. Elegí cada formato dependiendo del contenido y mi objetivo. Pero en todos los casos, cultivar mis verdaderos fans enriquece la ruta que elijo.

La llevar: 1.000 verdaderos fans es un camino alternativo al éxito aparte del estrellato. En lugar de tratar de alcanzar los picos estrechos e improbables de éxitos de los éxitos de los éxitos de los éxitos de los éxitos de los éxitos de la categoría, los éxitos de taquilla y el estatus de celebridad, puedes apuntar a una conexión directa con mil verdaderos fans. En tu camino, no importa cuántos fans tengas éxito en ganar, no estarás rodeado de enamoramiento de moda, sino de una apreciación genuina y verdadera. Es un destino mucho más sano para esperar. Y es mucho más probable que llegues allí.

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Top Tips for Improving Your Marketing Strategy on YouTube

When it comes to marketing your business on YouTube, there is only one golden rule that you need to follow, volume. As soon as you start increasing the number of videos that you upload, you will see an instant uptick in the number of views that your channel sees.

Now, this doesn’t mean you publish low-quality, videos that don’t provide value to your audience. It means that you need to be consistent with posting high-quality content on a regular basis. Here are five other things you can do to improve the marketing strategy on YouTube drastically.

Do Your Research

Before you can start publishing content, you have to get a firm grasp on the landscape. You need to take some time to look at the competition in your market and see what they are doing to succeed. As soon as you’ve got a good grasp on your competition, and you’ve got a good sense of the content they’re publishing, you can start deciding on the content you’re going to develop.

Create Your Content Buckets

One of the best ways to become efficient with your YouTube marketing efforts is to divide and conquer. Your marketing strategy ultimately comes down to choosing a few key areas where you feel you can deliver some kind of value to your viewers, and then mass-producing content that falls into those larger buckets. Once you have your content buckets, you can start creating your videos.

Be Consistent with Your Content

Without consistency, youÕll never be able to build a loyal audience. The best way to build consistency with your videos is to set the tone from the start, so your audience knows what to expect. Start by making an introduction video that explains the kind of content youÕll be creating and how often youÕll be publishing, and make sure you follow through.

Add Subtitles to Your Videos

One of the best tools that YouTube has integrated into their video upload capabilities is the ability for publishers to add subtitles to their content. While it may not seem like a big deal, most people watch videos on their phones with the sound turned off. Without this secondary option, people are going to skip right on by. Subtitles allow viewers to watch videos in any setting.

With more people visiting YouTube in a year than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined, it’s more important than ever for your business to start publishing online video content. With the right marketing strategy, you can begin to build a loyal audience and start to grow your business.

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Top 5 Ways to Gain More Social Media Followers

If you own a small business, you are probably well aware of how important social media can be for increasing your bottom line. However, getting started on social media can be incredibly daunting.

With all the different options and ways to gain followers, one can quickly become overwhelmed. Here are the top five ways your business can gain more social media followers and increase your bottom line.

1. Create Strong Profiles and Pages

The best way to start growing your audience on any of the social media platforms is to create strong profiles and pages for your accounts. You need to include branded cover photos as well as profile photos, and detailed descriptions of your business.

2. Share Quality Content

As you begin your journey to gain more social media followers, you need to create and share high-quality, value-added content that your target audience will enjoy. This can include blog content, videos, podcasts, infographics, presentations, etc. This content can be created by you or by others.

3. Add Links

Not only do you want to be sure to include links to all your social media profiles on your business website, but you want to include your site link in all your social media profiles. It will also help to add links to your top social accounts in your email signature. Adding these links will help you to expand your reach and broaden your exposure.

4. Use Friend-Finding Features

Most of the social media networks provide ways for their users to connect with other people they know. As you first start to use social media to build your brand, you want to ask people you know to follow your account. By having them like and follow you on different platforms, you gain more exposure to a broader audience base.

5. Cross-Promote Your Social Accounts

If you already have a large audience on one of your social media accounts, why not use that to your advantage. Ask followers to connect with you on your other accounts. This can be as simple as sending out a tweet to your Twitter followers asking them if they are on Instagram, and if they are, asking them to follow you there as well.

Growing your social media followers is easy to do but will take some time. The more effort you put into creating valuable content for your target audience the more followers youÕll gain.

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How to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Marketing

As Instagram, the photo and video-sharing social media platform has become more popular; it has created significant possibilities for businesses to connect with their customers and market their brand.

If you’ve never considered using Instagram for your business, it might be time you did. With over 300 million active monthly users, it’s a social media platform that you shouldn’t be overlooking. Here are several of the best ways you can leverage your Instagram account to grow your business and achieve success.

Be Consistent

If you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts on Instagram, you need to post on a regular basis. You never want to go more than a couple of days between posts if you’re going to avoid being forgotten about. Once you establish a routine for posting photos, it is easy to continue to add more photos frequently.

Be Friendly

ItÕs rare for a company to have a built-in fan base. To start expanding your reach and exposure, search for hashtags that are in line with your industry. If you own an ice cream parlor, search for photos of ice cream and ÔlikeÕ and comment on them. Potential fans will be thrilled that youÕre checking them out, which might lead to them following you. The critical thing to remember is that you want to be genuine with your comments and not desperate.

Edit Outside of Instagram

While Instagram offers an abundance of editing tools and filters, sometimes they’re a bit too much. When it comes to editing your photos, simple is best. There are numerous free and low-cost online editing tools that you can use to edit your photos before posting them to your Instagram account.

Use Hashtags

A great way to help others find you on Instagram is by using hashtags. Using relevant hashtags in your posts can be highly effective for getting noticed. To determine the best hashtags to use for your business, look at other established brands in your industry for examples of what to do when it comes to creating unique hashtags. While Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, using fewer will get you the quality responses you want.

As Instagram continues to be a shining star in the world of social media, it has proven itself extremely valuable for businesses. When done right, large amounts of traffic can be driven toward your company helping to boost customer engagement and increasing your brand recognition.

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How to Build Your Brand on Twitter

As of the moment I wrote this article, Twitter had more than 328 million active monthly users on its site.

This makes Twitter a potentially powerful business marketing tool if you know how to use it. Leveraging the popular 280-character social media site to drive more traffic to your business doesnÕt have to be difficult. Here are the top tips for successfully marketing on Twitter and building your brand.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

To get the most out of Twitter, you need to make sure that your company voice and identity are branded and optimized. This means that your bio needs to tell people who you are and include a link to your landing page or website. It is also essential that you keep a consistent tone with all of your Tweets so that people can clearly understand who you are and what your business does.

Interact with Your Industry Influencers

As you begin to post to Twitter, find out who the experts and influencers are in your industry and interact with them regularly. You can use Twitter search or similar tools to find like-minded customers and influencers by searching the keywords that are related to your industry. Once you discover the right people, follow them and interact with them on a daily basis.

Tweet Regularly

One sign of an active and healthy profile is regular tweeting. If you are only tweeting once a week, or once a month people are going to forget about you and your business. To stay on the top of your audienceÕs mind on a consistent basis, you need to send out daily postings. The information you tweet needs to be useful and relevant that your followers will read, click on, and retweet.

Offer Discounts to Twitter Followers

Run Twitter contests to get your followers engaged with your business. You can give a specific number of people who retweet your posts special discounts off your products or services or hold a random drawing based on the people that upload pictures of them using your product or visiting your store.

Integrate it With Your Other Marketing Efforts

Twitter will become much more useful for your business if you integrate it with your other marketing activities. By engaging your audience in more than one marketing effort, you are increasing your reach and followers.

Like all the other social media platforms, the more effort you put into your marketing efforts, the higher the chances of you finding success. These simple tips can help you maximize your marketing efforts on Twitter to build your brand and increase your followers.