How to configure your Linux Postfix server to forward email to Exchange Server 2013

In every environment you may have different devices and appliances that may need to send email or notifications. This guide will go thru the process on how to configure your Linux server with Postfix Mail Transfer Agent. Thru the guide I will use Ubuntu as the Linux distribution for the demo.

1. Make sure to configure Exchange to accept email for relay. Check this post for how to configure Exchange 2013 to relay your mail for appliances.

2. Install all the required packages. ex. sudo apt-get install mailutils

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How to add a Linux Samba Share to Windows Distributed File Server(DFS)

This blog post is a guide on how to add a Linux Samba share as a DFS Target Folder. Installation of DFS Open an administrator PowerShell window Install the DFS feature Windows 2008 R2: servermanagercmd –i FS-DFS-Namespace, RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con Windows 2012 : add-Windowsfeature FS-DFS-Namespace, RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con Configuration of DFS Open the DFS …

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