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5 steps to setup SSH PROXY VIA WITH PUTTY

Depending on your setup and where you are deploying your solution, you may have to jump via multiple servers before you can get access to your internal server. This quick guide will help you understand how you can leverage PUTTY to Proxy via multiple SSH hosts. Here is the example: let say that you are […]


Generate your Kickstart password for RedHat 7 and CentOS 7

When creating automated Kickstart files to install RedHat 7 or CentOS7 you need to use a different hashing algorithm for the password.  If you have a Linux server with Python here is what you can do to generate that password.   python -c ‘import crypt,getpass; print(crypt.crypt(getpass.getpass(), crypt.mksalt(crypt.METHOD_SHA512)))’

Linux Web

Create a webserver for testing purposes

I was working on a project and it required some firewall ports to be opened. The team asked; how can we test the firewall rules are working correctly? There are different ways to test the firewall rules but here is a quick way to test your firewall. A web server with a simple text page. […]

Active Directory File Server

How to add a Linux Samba Share to Windows Distributed File Server(DFS)

This blog post is a guide on how to add a Linux Samba share as a DFS Target Folder. Installation of DFS Open an administrator PowerShell window Install the DFS feature Windows 2008 R2: servermanagercmd –i FS-DFS-Namespace, RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con Windows 2012 : add-Windowsfeature FS-DFS-Namespace, RSAT-DFS-Mgmt-Con Configuration of DFS Open the DFS Management console. Expand the DFS […]