Creating engaging content for your Facebook page

There's no doubt that using Facebook is among the best tactics to get traffic to your fan page. Content also performs an important part when you create a post. It is really important to know how to play with your words to design a specific post. Content that you are posting on a fan page should be unique, attractive and engaging, to drive your audience.

You need to differentiate your brand from the others to stand out from the crowd. Show your expertise to generate curiosity among your customers. Here are some basic ideas that you should employ in your content.

Write unique content:

Question yourself and research your audiences’ needs to determine what they want from you. Create content according to their requirements to motivate and encourage them to visit your page. It will build brand awareness and improve trust from your customers.

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Top 6 ways to maximize returns from your Facebook Ads

Facebook has grown itself into a top-notch choice for marketers to advertise their brands. And with this popularity, a rise in the price of FB ads has been noticed. As Facebook ads are becoming expensive, it has become more important for marketers to optimize their ads for higher click through and conversion rates.

There are two ways to cope up with the increased prices of Facebook ads. First, look for another advertising platform or second, optimize your ads in such a way that they generate higher ROI, CTR and lower CPC for your campaigns.

The following are the top 6 ways that can help to maximize the returns on your Facebook Ad investment:

  • Find a larger audience for your existing Ad campaigns:

    One of the main reasons that your Ad campaigns are not generating enough sales volume is that there isn't enough of an audience to scale up the sales volume.

    For an additional audience, you can upload the database of your existing customers and use audience insights to define multiple client profiles and then add them to your additional audience.

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How to create Facebook Ads with your MailChimp account?

When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook has become the premium choice for both B2B and B2C marketers. These Ads help brands to expand their reach and showcase their services to the ideal audience. And with MailChimp, you can get a clear picture of Ads which make you money and win new customers.

Let's see how you can create, design and post an Ad through your MailChimp account. But before that you must know the following things:

  • You can run your Ad on Facebook and Instagram at the same time.
  • You'll require an Admin permission on your Facebook page to post an Ad through MailChimp.
  • MailChimp's Facebook Ads have a unique billing system. You'll set your budget and purchase your Ad up front. You will get charged only for your Ad's total clicks, and the rest will be credited to your account.
  • If your Instagram or Facebook Ad doesn't fit Facebook's Ad requirements, Facebook can reject your Ad.
  • Disable Ad blockers in your web browser to make sure MailChimp's Ad Builder runs smoothly.

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Steps to having a successful Facebook advertising campaign

“93% of marketers use Facebook advertising regularly, which translates into about 3 million businesses. Furthermore, 70% of these businesses are outside the US.”

Facebook has become the most preferred option for advertising and promoting businesses, products and events. The Facebook advertising platform acts as a vehicle for driving customers to your official website. But for brick & mortar stores it brings in high foot traffic at their stores.

Lack of proper planning and inappropriate steps can have an adverse effect on your advertising campaign. To earn high a success rate, follow the below-given steps that will help you drive the desired results for your advertising campaign.

  • Selecting the appropriate type of Facebook Ad for your campaign:

    There are many types of Facebook Ads according to their size and purpose. It's important that you select the Ads that best caters to your needs and gives your brand the exposure it needs.

    Select the type of Ads you want to use, that can help you earn benefits, and at the same time fulfill your objective of running the campaign. Choose the Ad type which is best suited for promoting your business, product, event or offers. When advertising on Facebook began there was only the right-hand rail for advertising for businesses. But now Ads are also placed in the timeline that brings more clicks for the advertisement.

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How to generate qualified leads with Facebook Ads

Leads are the lifeblood of every business whether it functions online or offline. Lead generation refers to the generation of consumer interest in your brand or product.

A list of qualified leads is a valuable asset for a brand which can be created by investing less but yielding great results. When it comes to social media advertising, 93 % of marketers go for Facebook advertising.

Facebook Ads not only provide the right exposure for your brand but are also a great way to create a database of people who are interested in what you offer as it offers exceptional targeting options.

The following are the top tried and tested ways to generate qualified leads through Facebook Ads:

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Best Facebook Ad Strategies for website owners

Facebook is still the top-notch choice for businesses to promote their brand and build credibility. For e-commerce site owners, Facebook provides easy ways to target your ideal customers and drive them back to your website.

Facebook ads allow you to evoke the emotions and curiosity that people crave when they log-in to their computer or phone, except you'll be able to introduce who you are, and the value you can bring to their lives.

Here are some of the effective strategies that would help you reap benefits for your business site:

  • Make use of carousel ads to showcase your products:

    Facebook offers different types of Ads as per their layout. But for a business website, Facebook carousel Ads work best. Carousel Ads are quite helpful in showcasing multiple products at a single point in time.

    It can be easily set up in power editor and can be used as part of Dynamic Ads. The benefits of using them are:

    • Providing more options for a customer
    • Help in increasing conversions
    • More efficient cost per acquisition

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How to optimize Facebook Ads to skyrocket your conversions?

With over 1.59 billion monthly active users and in-depth targeting features, Facebook is one of the best places to find qualified leads. There's no doubt about it that running Facebook Ads is an incredibly effective way to grow your business.

Ad optimization is the key to achieving your goals with Facebook Ads. Even if it is a low-budget campaign, it must be scalable. Certainly, there's not an all-for-one solution, but best practices can help any campaign.

Why optimize your FB Ads?

In order to get the best results out of your advertising efforts, you should focus on improving the automation process and getting a deeper understanding of what works best for your business.

Automatic optimization is a big trend in advertising. Automation is widely used in the online advertising world. You can use a Facebook Marketing Partner that supports your advertising team and offers a stable tool with optimization features.

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How these small businesses gained success through Facebook Ads

There are many brands who have incorporated Facebook ads into their marketing arsenal and derived amazing results from it. Here are some of the Brands who have nailed Facebook advertising.


Goal: Showcasing a collaboration

Hawkers wanted to test whether the collection ad format, which displays catalog items under a main video or image, performed better than photo ads on Facebook.

Solution: In March–April 2017, Hawkers ran a Facebook ad campaign promoting its new glasses made in collaboration with El Ganso. To test whether the collection format was more powerful than the photo ads it had run in the past, it divided its audience in two and showed a collection ad to one and photo ads to the other group.

Result: Hawker's test of the collection ad format made massive improvements to its campaign results, and the brand is now investing 33% of its Facebook ad spend into the collection format. Hawkers achieved:

  • 51% higher return on ad spend
  • 30% lower cost per purchase
  • 86% higher engagement (interaction with ads)

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