How to configure your Linux Postfix server to forward email to Exchange Server 2013

In every environment you may have different devices and appliances that may need to send email or notifications. This guide will go thru the process on how to configure your Linux server with Postfix Mail Transfer Agent. Thru the guide I will use Ubuntu as the Linux distribution for the demo.

1. Make sure to configure Exchange to accept email for relay. Check this post for how to configure Exchange 2013 to relay your mail for appliances.

2. Install all the required packages. ex. sudo apt-get install mailutils

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Generate Self-Signed SSL certificates for Exchange

The built-in Self signed certificate in Exchange 2010 and 2013 will not include multiple names. It only includes the server name. If you need to generate a multi SAN (Subject Alternate Name) Self Signed certificate for a test environment follow the following steps. Download SelfSSL7 from Execute: Selfssl7.exe /N …

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