How to get found On Facebook in 4 easy steps

Facebook is known to improve brand awareness, increase sales, drive traffic to websites and it has other marketing benefits. Businesses take advantage of Facebook marketing to lift their search engine page rankings on Google and Facebook searches.

This social network permits you to share and promote your content to a larger group of audiences. Most companies make some elementary mistakes that can be avoided, and they can be found easily on search engines with the following tips.

Give your brand name as a Facebook page name:

Your Facebook page username also plays a crucial role in helping you be found easily on search engines and the Facebook search bar. If you are not using your brand name as your Facebook page name, then create a new user name that defines your brand name.

It is really easy to do, you can edit the “basic page information” and rename it with your brand name. Always remember the name you are using as your user name must be simple and unique to determine your brand, such as a company name. Don’t use short forms of your company name to get maximum visibility.

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