Replace Diskpart with PowerShell

In the new world of Powershell you can replace many of the command line utilities used by Windows Administrators. Here is a way to replace Diskpart with PowerShell commands.

1. Check if the initiator can see the disk: Get-disk

2. Select the disk to bring disk  online:

Set-disk –number 3 –IsOffline $False

3. Make disk 3 writable:

Set-disk –number 3 –isReadOnly $False

4. Initialize the disk 3:

Initialize-Disk -Number 3 -PartitionStyle MBR

5. Create a partition on disk 3 (To avoid a format volume popup in Windows Explorer, let’s not assign a drive letter at this time. We will do that after the volume is formatted)

New-Partition -DiskNumber 3 -UseMaximumSize -AssignDriveLetter:$False

6. Format volume:

Get-Partition –DiskNumber 3 | Format-Volume

7. Assign the drive letter now:

Get-Partition –DiskNumber 3 | Add-PartitionAccessPath –AssignDriveLetter:$true

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