Remote SCVMM console stop working

Our UCP 4000 environment was working as expected and all the sudden I lost access from my remote terminal to the SCVMM server. I login to the server and everything was working without a problem. So I decided to do a little troubleshooting.


1. Check the workstation VM. – Everything was working as expected.

2. Check firewall – Everything was working as expected no changes.


So what could be the problem…..


Well, as you may know Microsoft releases updates to their products every month. This past month there was an update to the Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager console. And this stop all communication to between the client and the server that is managing our UCP 4000.


How did I found out this.


1. Check the version of the SCVMM console on the SCVMM server. Right click C:\Program Files\Microsoft System Center 2012 R2\Virtual Machine Manager\Bin\VmmAdminUI.exe


2. Compare the version of the SCVMM console in the remote PC. They are different.


SCVMM will not allow connection when the console and the server are in different versions.


How do you fix it?

1. Go to Control Panel –>Programs –> Programs and Features –> Installed updates.

2. Look for an update that include System Center or Virtual Machine Manger in the name. All updates must be applied to the server first then the client.


After you remove the update you can connect back to your SCVMM console and manage your UCP environment.

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