PowerShell Comparison Operators

Looking for a simple post that includes the powershell operators and her it is.

Less than =  -lt   Ex.  1 -lt 10

Greater than =  -gt   Ex. 10 -gt 1

Less than or equal = -le   Ex.  10 -le 10

Greather than or equal = -ge   Ex.    10 -ge 1

Equal = -eq   Ex.  1 -eq 1

To compare strigs you can use all the operators above if you want to validate case sensitive operators just at c to each of the operators

Equal = -ceq

Wild Card seaches use the -like operator.  * is for any characters that will match before the strings. ? is only one character after the string

Ex: “Hello”  – like “*ll?”  . In this example your comparison is true.

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