PowerShell Unitary Operators

Powershell include powerfull math operators

$x= 100

++ = add 1 to your variable. Ex:  $x++  = 101

— = substract 1 to your variable.  Ex.  $x– = 100

+= adds the value to value to the variable.  Ex.  $x += 10   = 110

*= multiply the value of the variable times the specified value. Ex. $x *= 10  = 1010

/= devide the value of the variable by the value specified. Ex $x /= 10  = 101


You can use the += to concatenate strings.

$a = “Hello”

$a += ” World”


PowerShell Comparison Operators

Looking for a simple post that includes the powershell operators and her it is.

Less than =  -lt   Ex.  1 -lt 10

Greater than =  -gt   Ex. 10 -gt 1

Less than or equal = -le   Ex.  10 -le 10

Greather than or equal = -ge   Ex.    10 -ge 1

Equal = -eq   Ex.  1 -eq 1

To compare strigs you can use all the operators above if you want to validate case sensitive operators just at c to each of the operators

Equal = -ceq

Wild Card seaches use the -like operator.  * is for any characters that will match before the strings. ? is only one character after the string

Ex: “Hello”  – like “*ll?”  . In this example your comparison is true.


How to configure Windows 2008 R2 Core with SCONFIG

Playing with Windows 2008 R2 core I found a simple tool to configure all the basic functions as computer name, IP address, DNS, Windows Updates. The tool name  is SCONFIG.  This tool allows the administrators to configure their servers and implement them in a simple way.


Windows 2008 R2 Core Domain Controller

Looking thru all the documentaiton to create a Windows 2008 R2 Core Domain Controller was a little challenge as there are confusion between the documents. here is an example to create your Domain Controller.

dcpromo /unattend /InstallDns:yes /confirmGC:yes /replicaOrNewDomain:replica /

/databasePath:”e:Windowsntds” /logPath:”e:Windowsntds” /sysvolpath:”e:Windowssysvol”

/safeModeAdminPassword: password /rebootOnCompletion:yes

If you will like more details use this link.

Virtualization VMware

VMware License Comparison Questions

Here is a very good article with the VMware licensing details.

Virtualization VMware

CDP on VMware Switches

CDP is Cisco Discovery Protocol. It is used by the Cisco Switches to share information about each other. If you need to enable it in your VMswitch follow this steps:

esxcfg-vswitch -B both vSwitch1 (vSwitch1 is can be any switch in the virtual environment)

Leadership Technology

Seven things you should be doing.

I found this article and it was very interesting. It talks about seven things leaders should do.

1. Learn Excel
2. Stay current with technology
3. Defend the value of your team.
4. Recognize a good idea and support it.
5. Don’t be affraid to challenge the status quo.
6. Keep your guard up when negotiating.
7. Lead by example.


Monitor LDAP connection on Windows 2003 DC

I was looking for a way to monitor the LDAP connections on ad w2k3 dc in order to retire it. After a lot of reading I found the nmcap tool from Microsoft. Here is the syntax:

nmcap /networks * /capture LDAP /file c:file.cap

If you want a timer add the following
/stopwhen /timeafter x hours

Church Technology

Selecting the right projector for your church

In today’s changing world you have many choices. If you are hungry you can select from many different places to eat.  It is the same with your technology needs. Today I will discuss the differences in projectors and how to select the appropriate projector for your church.

What is a projector?

A projector is a big TV, so you can show movies, presentations or any other audio visual material. If you want the technical definition click here.

Why do we need a projector?

Humans understand things better if we can relate them visually. How do you know where are the restrooms in a restaurant? Simple you look for the sign with a man and a woman, but how does the sign look like?

There are more than 1000 projectors in the market, ranging from $500 to $500,000 dollars in price.  Which one is the correct one for my church? There are different things to consider.

Light (How much light you have in your church?)

The amount of light in your church is very important. If you want to setup the projector and there is a lot of light (day light, indoor light or any other kind of light),  the projector need to have a lot of lumen. Lumen are the amount of light that  projector will send out for the image, click here for information on lumen. After you check the amount of light you have, you have to count how many people you can see the screen.

Screen (Determine how many people can see the screen?)

There are many different screen sizes.  In order to select the correct screen size , lets count the amount of people in your church.  Amount of people x 1 inch = size of screen. Let’s say your church has 100 members your screen should be no less than 100 inches or 8 foot 3 inches long. If your church has 200 members your screen should be 150 to 200 inches or 12.5 to 16 feet long. click here for information on screen sizes.

Quality of projector

Last but not least you have to stop for a minute and think, why do we want to use a projector? Do we want to present Sunday’s service worship songs? or We want to bless the church with other audio visual material. There are many audiovisual devices that can bless the church. Movies, presentations (PowerPoint’s, Impress, others…). As I mention earlier projectors come in many different sizes and configurations that we need to know why we want to use a projector. Quality is not synonym to expensive. I own an inexpensive Infocus X1 and never had a problem.  Why I selected the Infocus X1? At the time that I purchased my projector the light bulbs for all the other projectors where $500 to $600 dollars and the Infocus X1 where $250.

Things to check when you want to buy a projector:

  1. Warranty (how many years and if they offer extended warranty).
  2. Price for the replacement bulbs (average 3000 hours).
  3. Celling mount or table top (are you going to mount the projector in the church celling or in a table).
  4. Compatibility with your computer equipment (if it support Windows 2000/XP/Vista , Mac or Linux).
  5. Support from the vendor (if the projector has a problem can they come to your church and help you).

Hope this posting will be helpful. God Bless you all.

Carlos Vargas



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