5 Ways Writing a Book Will Help You to Unlock Your Hidden Creative Genius

How often have you thought to yourself, “I’m not creative?” Have you marveled at the creativity of young children playing, wondering where on earth they come up with these crazy ideas? Creativity doesn’t disappear completely as we get older; we simply don’t exercise it quite as much as we did as youngsters. Traditional classroom schooling also doesn’t place a priority on creativity because teachers are so focused on teaching the curriculum and scoring tests. If you want to spur your creative juices once again, write a book.

Of course, before you start writing the Great American Novel, prepare an outline and know what topic you’ll write about. If you’re an expert in a particular field, it makes sense to write about your expertise so your business will grow. But even if you want to test the waters with a fictional novel, approach writing a book with a plan.
Here are just a few ways you can unlock your hidden creative genius by writing a book:

Use the brain dump method to empty your mind of too many ideas.

Experts have proven that multitasking actually diminishes productivity, so instead of trying to write your book while all these other ideas are swimming around, take a journal and just start writing everything down. And I mean EVERYTHING, including calling the dog groomer for an appointment to calling the pharmacy for a refill. Whatever is taking up space in your brain should be on that paper. Now that you’ve released these thoughts onto paper, focus solely on writing your book. You’ll discover the writing process is easier when you’re able to focus on just one task instead of one hundred.

Pop the creativity cork to release other ideas.

So often we get stuck with one idea in our minds and it’s hard to concentrate on anything else. Release that one big idea into a book…then pay attention to other creative ideas that surface afterward. There’s a subconscious reason why you can’t move past your book idea and focus on other things; it’s your brain’s way of telling you to follow through and see where it takes you. When your book is complete and you have some time to relax is often when you’ll get your next inspiration.

Writing itself is a creative problem-solving process.

When was the last time you made a pros/cons list to help you make a decision? Or a to-do list to track your daily tasks? Or mind mapping to illustrate the growth of your business? These are simple examples of how writing is used to solve problems. Writing out the details of our problem allows us to clarify exactly what has to happen when and it’s then easier to see connections and solutions to these problems.

Practice makes perfect.

Even if you’re not aiming for perfection, this old adage holds true. The more you write, the easier the process becomes. Writing content for your audience will become easier because you have the practice and you’ve done the research to know what your audience is seeking.

Embrace the idea of learning something new every day.

The best books are those that are well researched, so embrace that research phase to spur your creativity. Discover new facts, new resources, or new theories. Carry this idea over into your personal life and mix up your daily routines to try new things. Explore your surroundings, take the long way home from the gym, or explore a new town you randomly choose from a map. Your brain will thank you for making it work differently, simply because you mixed things up.

Creativity is hidden inside each of us. The process of accessing that creativity and using it to create a business you love will be unique for every person but promises to yield great rewards.

5 Ways to Become a Local Celebrity with Your New Book

Even if you have built your business primarily online and that’s where you find the majority of your clients, local marketing should not be overlooked. In addition to your online marketing efforts, promoting your new book locally can bring you “local celebrity” status while increasing your fan base.

Keep in mind, these ideas may not bring in hefty sales but they’ll go a long way to expanding your name recognition within your local community. Instead of book sales, you may gain some new clients and you’ll definitely gain more social media fans.

Hold local book signings at libraries or book stores.

Don’t forget your hometown roots! Publishing a book is quite an accomplishment not everyone can claim, so toot your own horn to the people who know you best. Meet and greets at any locale allows you to promote your book while also growing your fan base.

Appear at Community Day events.

Many local communities or towns hold Community Day events and festivals during the summer and fall months. Check those calendars well in advance and be prepared to invest a nominal fee to set up a table with your book available for purchase. Print out bookmarks or other handouts that include your social media handles so they can connect with you after the event; or be proactive and connect with people instantly at your booth.

Speak at local schools about your path to becoming an author.

Many middle and high schools hold career days so watch for those events or call the schools directly to inquire. This isn’t so much a chance to sell your book but to tell about your path to becoming an author. Carry handouts with your name, book title, and social media handles so the kids can pass them along to their parents. This is also a great opportunity to leave information at the schools for the faculty. You just never know where your next client will come from!

Volunteer locally with your Chamber of Commerce or other business networking groups.

Many Chambers have different committees on which to serve and other business groups (such as BNI) have executive officer positions available every year. Again, these types of positions are not about selling books but offer you the chance to give back to your community while expanding your name recognition.

Use your book as a fundraiser.

Choose a cause that’s close to your heart and dedicate a percentage of sales to be donated. Donating to a local charity or a local branch of a national charity may stir more interest because of the hometown roots. Or donate a copy or two of your books to auction events held by local PTAs, scouting troops, or religious organizations. Very often these organizations will distribute a list of their benefactors, so that’s yet another way to increase your name recognition.

Marketing your book should be a continuous cycle, both online and offline. The more people you can reach through the differing avenues, the more likely you’ll see increases in sales, new clients, and social media fans.

5 Ways to Get a Million New Fans with Your New Book

5 Ways to Get a Million New Fans with Your New Book
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Now that you’ve got your book printed, you may be questioning what comes next. Now is the time to start shouting from the rooftops about your book because if you don’t tell people about it, they simply won’t know it exists. And contrary to popular belief, just because your book is available on Amazon doesn’t mean it will show up in millions of Amazon searches.

Part of becoming an author these days also means becoming a marketing expert. Hiring a public relations firm is certainly one option, but for many authors – especially first time authors – PR firms are not budget-friendly. The key is to gain national recognition and get your name in front of as many people as possible, which requires writing pitches to those who have access to your ideal audience.

Schedule a national book tour

This type of scheduling requires lots of footwork and research mixed in with some travel expertise to be successful. Target big box bookstores as well as independent bookstores in areas where your ideal readers are located. Bookstores are interested in how your book will bring people in to their stores so include a synopsis of your book in your pitch. Also outline your social media plans and how your plan will align with their current social media campaigns. Keep in mind: Scheduling tours in big cities is best done well in advance due to the high demand.

Schedule television and radio interviews

While planning your book tour, take some time to reach out to local television and radio stations to land interviews; of course, finding the best contact is paramount so you’re not wasting time. Decide which type of segment you’re best suited for and do your research on specific programs, hosts, and producers. Make yourself stand out from the rest of the pitches by including any relevant fun facts or ties to that local area. And don’t think any show is too big for you to land; I knew a virtual assistant who landed a an interview spot on The Dave Ramsey Show simply because she took a chance and answered an open call specific to her industry.

Arrange blog tours and podcast tours

Don’t discount blogs or podcasts as part of your promotional efforts. A blog tour is simply a written interview which is published on a blog but they usually include contact links to your website. Podcasts are audio recordings, similar to traditional radio talk shows, available for free from platforms such as iTunes and Stitcher. Research who the influencers are in your industry and check out their numbers of readers and listeners. Many blogs or podcasts have national reach so those are the ones to target with your pitch.

Create social media events around your book launch

You already have a following so don’t forget about inviting them to watch parties or other local live events. Tell them about your new book; go live and read a chapter to build interest; create custom hashtags and ask you followers to share about your book and live events; create an online panel discussion with other authors or colleagues to discuss your book’s topic. Being consistent and present on social media when your book launches is vitally important to build up your momentum. All of your fans want to know more about you so don’t disappear.

Embrace new social media platforms and/or advertising avenues

Utilizing as many social media platforms as possible will greatly increase your chances of gaining new fans but only if your target audience uses those platforms. Perform some market research first before learning another platform. If you’re happy with your current social media choices, focus instead on their advertising features. Facebook, for example, offers ads along with Sponsored Posts. Knowing the difference and how best to use them to target your audience will find you many more fans.
You have an awesome book, now it’s time to show the world how much you know on the subject and how much you can help your audience with this information. Planning any kind of national publicity is time consuming but a worthwhile effort when you think about how many people you’ll attract to your brand.

6 Maneras De Ver El Fracaso Tan Importante Como El Éxito

Liderazgo, fracaso, exito

A nadie le gusta fallar. Se siente mal. Es posible que sientas ganas de renunciar o culpar a otra persona o de golpearte. Pero te sorprendería escuchar que muchas personas exitosas no sólo están agradecidas por sus fracasos pasados, sino que atribuyen su éxito actual a haber intentado y fracasado en el pasado.

Aquí hay seis razones para aceptar sus fracasos.

1. Los fracasos son oportunidades

Ver el fracaso como una oportunidad no es estar ciego a la realidad. Es aceptar que todos fallan, y puedes elegir aprender de tus errores, o puedes quedarte atascado en ellos.

Las personas exitosas ven los errores como una oportunidad para aprender y cambiar de rumbo. Por ejemplo, digamos que quieres perder veinte libras. Saber que te vas a caer de la dieta si ves una dona de mermelada de chocolate es alguna información útil. Puedes tomar medidas para evitar las cosas que más te tientan y hacer que sea más probable que te adhieras a tu dieta.

2. Los fracasos muestran tus debilidades.

Ya sea que no sea capaz de resistir un cigarrillo si estás en una situación social, o encontrar que necesitas más habilidades de contabilidad de lo que pensabas. Si puede desprenderse de las emociones del fracaso, pronto podrá ver dónde están las áreas de debilidad en ti y tomar medidas para repararlas.

3. El fracaso te hará resistente

Una gran lección de intentar y fallar es descubrir que puedes volver a subir y seguir adelante. Puedes admitir que intentaste y fallaste y utilizaste lo que aprendiste para construir una mejor estrategia para llegar a tu meta. Y esa es una gran lección en la vida.

4. El fracaso te hará innovar

El fracaso puede hacer que usted este más inclinado a probar diferentes estrategias, para ver el riesgo en una luz diferente. ¡Si no tienes miedo de fallar, es más probable que pruebe estrategias audaces y podría simplemente intentar algo grande!

5. El fracaso te recuerda que no estás solo.

Lo creas o no, el fracaso puede hacerte una mejor persona. Aceptar el fracaso como parte de la vida te hará más empático y menos juicioso de los demás. Estarás más probable que ayude a otras personas que ve tratando de hacerlo, y en devolución, usted será más abierto a pedir y recibir ayuda cuando lo necesite.

6. El fracaso te hará más amable contigo mismo.

Ver el fracaso en su luz adecuada te hará más indulgente con tus defectos. Serás menos perfeccionista y serás menos propenso a dudar de ti mismo. Y eso, a su vez, construirá tu confianza en ti mismo y te hará tener más probabilidades de triunfar!

Por lo tanto, abrazar el fracaso, aprender de él y utilízalo como un escalo hacia tu éxito.

How To Move Your BoxDrive To The D:\

Let me say that I love Box.com. It allows me to have a great number of features for my computer storage needs. One of them is to host all my production videos and files across all my computers. But one annoying issue was how to move it to another drive.

My C drive was hitting 100% utilization just from booting up my PC. I check Antivirus, change SSD drives, Reimage the machine 4 times and I have a decent machine with 16 cores and 256GB of RAM, but the Boxdrive was still using all the time the C:\

My app where dog slow. To open Photoshop or Any app will take 30 – 60 seconds.

So when I start checking the Boxdrive binaries were using 100% of the C:\.

I figured if this can be moved to another drive, the problem will go away.  So after several tryies, I figured out a solution.

Based on their FAQ it is not possible to move the Boxdrive location to another drive. But I figure it out.  Yeap.

I will give you the simple steps to fix your Boxdrive client to and move it to another drive.

NOTE: By the way, this is not supported by Box so if you call them they may not support you but this fixed my issue.

1 . Uninstall Boxdrive

2 . Create Symlink for Boxdrive location.

  • Open command prompt (not powershell)
  • mkdir D:\Box (this will be the drive and location where you want your box data to be)
  • mklink /D c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Box D:\Box

3 . Install Boxdrive again.

4. Login and sync your data.

How to move your Box Drive to another location on PC
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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Following Your Passion

Top Mistakes To Avoid When Pursuing Your Passion
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Life is all about deciding to follow your passion, but sometimes the journey can be overwhelming. Following your passion means taking responsibility for your path in life. The tendency is to want to ‘get it right’ on the first try and not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, this never happens. When you try to control a situation, it is usually out of fear, which you may not be aware that you have. Doing things out of fear usually ends in unintended, less than optimal results. Here are some of the most common mistakes people make when following their passion and how to avoid them.

The Perfection Trap

When you are pursuing your dreams, you want to try to avoid making grandiose plans. You don’t have to find the one perfect passion, but instead, you need just to follow the clues in front of you. Step back and look at what you can do today, and then pick what excites you. When you’ve completed that, look around you and take the next step that interests you.

Forcing Progress

As you start on your journey to following your passion, look at the options that you currently have available, and then notice which one holds the most interest for you, then do that. You don’t want to try to force things, If you feel overwhelmed, take a break. Lie down and relax, and when you start to feel better, ideas will emerge.

Thinking Ahead

Worrying about what will happen in the future doesn’t help. If anything, it will make what you are worrying about occur. Worrying about what’s ahead will stop you in your tracks, and you’ll never end up following your passion. Try to avoid thinking bad thoughts. Ask yourself more productive questions and guide your thoughts to what can go right.

Making Fear Your Enemy

When you follow your heart and go after your dreams, you will have to let go of your fears so you can soar even higher. Don’t let fear scare you, instead take it as a sign that you’re on the right path. If you want to follow your passion you have to feel your fear fully.

When following your passion, you have to start looking inside for answers and stop looking for permission. You have to stop making excuses for why you can’t take action and just take the next step, and the one after that, until you end up where you want to be.

Journey To Forgiveness (Columbia, South Carolina: Creative Life Publishing, 2018)

A Journey to true, deep-rooted forgiveness is a hard journey to venture into, leaving many to wonder if they are even willing to go that far. Going much deeper than the simple words of “I forgive”.  These stories and teaching will show you how to look at forgiveness differently.

Beginning to step forward in forgiveness takes resilience to be willing to start over in some way. It takes courage to consider the actions that are needed to heal as well as a melding of faith, love, and hope. Allow these stories to show how forgiveness can be achieved even when it looks like it can’t .

Video Interview

Reigniting Hope: Spark The Fire To Grow Hope In Your Life (Creative Life Publishing, 2018)

Hope, sometimes we feel like we have an abundant bucket of it and the next it can be like a security blanket ripped out from under us.

From moments in searching for hope to moments of holding on to the very last thread, these stories show how to go through the times where hope doesn’t seem to be there to when God shows up to ignite it once again.

How to Fix Mono Audio for Your Videos

Video is one of the fastest ways to connect with your audience. But we can’t forget that audio in the video is how most of your message is delivered. So I found myself fixing some video files and needed to fix the audio that was captured as a via a single microphone.  In this video I show how to fix your videos and convert a mono (or single audio) to stereo.  Enjoy.

How To Fix Mono Audio To Stereo in a Video
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9 Estilos de Liderazgo y sus fortalezas

Los líderes vienen en todas formas y tamaños, con diferentes enfoques y valores que funcionan para ellos. No hay ninguno bueno o malo cuando se trata de estilos de liderazgo, siempre y cuando usted está en la misma página con su equipo y tenga los mejores intereses de todos en el corazón.

Sin embargo, debido a que muchas personas confían en usted como la guía y la inspiración, es importante examinar sus hábitos y considerar cómo podrían ser percibidos en su papel de liderazgo. En su libro, “The 9 Types of Leadership: Mastering the Art of People in the 21st Century Workplace”(post Hill Press, 2017), autor Beatrice Chestnut, pH. d., define nueve estilos de liderazgo.

“Los nueve tipos… se basan en los nueve estilos de personalidad articulados por el modelo Eneagrama, una tipología en torno a un antiguo símbolo que tiene raíces en las tradiciones de la sabiduría atemporal”, dijo Chestnut. “Cada tipo se caracteriza por un enfoque específico en la atención, así como fortalezas específicas, motivaciones y puntos ciegos.”

De acuerdo con la Chestnut, estas son las áreas de enfoque de cada tipo de liderazgo:

1. Calidad. Este tipo de líder se centra en la mejora, haciendo las cosas bien, haciendo las cosas tan perfectas como pueden ser, siendo ético, siguiendo las reglas y aplicando altos estándares.

2. Agradar a la gente. Este líder se enfoca en ser querido, creando relaciones, apoyando estratégicamente a otros para hacerse indispensables y empoderando a la gente.

3. Tareas y objetivos del trabajo. Este tipo de líder quiere ser eficiente y productivo y tener la imagen de alguien que es un exitoso triunfador.

4. Emociones. Este líder está enfocado en su experiencia interna y en expresarse para que la gente los entienda y los vea como únicos y especiales.

5. Datos e información relacionada con el trabajo. Este líder se siente más cómodo operando a nivel intelectual (a diferencia del nivel emocional), y es objetivo, analítico, privado y le gusta trabajar independientemente.

6. Problemas potenciales. Este líder se centra en notar lo que podría salir mal, pronosticar problemas antes de que sucedan para que puedan prepararse para ellos antes de tiempo. Este tipo de líder es un solucionador de problemas perspicaz que vigila las amenazas, es un buen solucionador de problemas y se especializa en la evaluación de riesgos.

7. Innovación. Este líder se centra en llegar a nuevas ideas y planificar para el futuro. Este estilo de liderazgo es optimista, entusiasta y automáticamente reenmarca los negativos en positivos.

8. Potencia y control. Este líder prefiere el pensamiento de gran imagen para averiguar los detalles, le gusta hacer que las cosas grandes sucedan, y tiene un tiempo más fácil tratar con el conflicto y la confrontación que algunos de los otros tipos.

9. Creando armonía. Este tipo de líder lidera por consenso. Son un mediador natural y quieren asegurarse de que todos sean escuchados y que se consideren diferentes puntos de vista al hacer planes y llegar a las decisiones.

Enfocándome en mis fortalezas

Cada uno de los nueve tipos de líderes son iguales en su capacidad para ser eficaces, dijo Chestnut. Sin embargo, algunos tipos están más orientados a ser eficaces, basándose en las motivaciones del líder individual.

“Cuán eficaz es un tipo específico de persona… se basa en dos cosas: en primer lugar, su estilo de personalidad y su enfoque característico de la atención y los patrones habituales de pensamiento, sentimiento y comportamiento; en segundo lugar, cómo autoconscientes, desarrollados y saludables son, “dijo Chestnut.

“Cada tipo puede crecer para aprovechar sus fortalezas más conscientemente y abordar sus desafíos específicos para que puedan ser más eficaces. ”

“Conocer su estilo, su enfoque y saber cómo a otros les gusta ser administrados le da a un líder la idea de cómo motivar, administrar y desarrollar mejor a los demás”, agregó Peter Langton, Vicepresidente Ejecutivo y director de recursos humanos de Pierce Aluminum.

“Pero usted debe conocer sus propios límites, sus propios escollos y su propio enfoque para ser eficaz liderando a otros. ”

Chestnut señaló que los líderes son más poderosos cuando pueden modelar la auto-conciencia y el autodesarrollo para las personas que lideran. Es importante ser más consciente de lo que hace bien y lo que se interponga en su manera de ser eficaz.

Al entender las fortalezas de su tipo, usted puede aplicar sus talentos naturales más consciente y estratégicamente.

“Los líderes que son conscientes de sí mismos entienden sus verdaderas fortalezas, debilidades y puntos ciegos”, dijo Langton.

“El liderazgo no se trata de ser el mejor motivador externo o el campeón carismático, sino de entender cómo eres capaz de influir en los demás”.

Los tipos anteriores de liderazgo ofrecen un marco para entender que diferentes personas tienen diferentes cosmovisiones.

“Al ayudar a los líderes a ver sus patrones habituales, pueden… en última instancia, tomar decisiones más conscientes sobre las cosas que hacen y modelar un mayor grado de auto-conciencia como una manera de inspirar a la gente con la que trabajan”, dijo Chestnut.

¿Conoces cual es tu estilo de personalidad y como usar tus fortalezas para liderar tu equipo de una manera efectiva?

¿Te gustaria conocer cual es? Aprieta aqui para que aprendas de como puedes aprender mas de los tipos de personalidad y como descubrir el tuyo.