MCM for Exchange 2010 Written Exam

So today is Thursday March 14, 2013 and I just passed my MCM for Exchange 2010 Written exam. And boy that is a tough one.

Here are some quick tips on how to study for the MCM exam.  (Don't ask me for questions it took me too long to study for the test)

  1. First thing is don't try this at home. 🙂 the best way to learn it is thru the MCM program.  Register and you will learn a lot and the connections with other MCM's and professional is amazing. Here is a video that explain the details of the program and they are completely right.
  2. When you register for the MCM program you will get a list of materials you should read. Read it more than once.
  3. Make sure you read every document in the documentation for each of this versions. (When I mean each document you need to understand everything in each document)
    1. Exchange 2003 :
    2. Exchange 2007:
    3. Exchange 2010 RTM:
    4. Exchange 2010 SP1:
    5. Exchange 2010 SP2:
  4. It is important that you understand the differences between each version and how each version works with each other
  5. Build a lab
    1. As you read the TechNet articles you must practice and understand what each article explains. If you don't get it, read it again.
    2. Practice and lot.
  6. Take time to study.
    1. Work and study is a big thing. This is like your master degree when you go to the university so separate time to study, two or three times a week.
    2. Plan your time before going to the MCM rotation so there is nothing that will distract you. No work or family with you. You will be in class for 8 – 12 hours a day.
  7. For additional help you can look at some videos on Exchange 2010, they will not replace you reading the material, it is just a help to hear someone talking about the material and helping you understand it better.

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