Lync 2013 client with OCS 2007 R2 Infrastructure testing

I have received a couple of request of what features work when you connect your Lync 2013 client to an OCS 2007 R2 infrastructure. Here is a list of the features I have tested. This is not an official list, it is just my personal testing.

  1. IM chat between internal receipients (im to other OCS users in the organization)
  2. IM chat to external parties (im to federated partners)
  3. Screen Sharing with internal and external recipients.
  4. Presence indicator in Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013
  5. Presence indicator in SharePoint 2007 and 2010
  6. VoIP calls between OCS 2007 R2 client and Lync 2010 or Lync 2013 clients

As I mention this is not an official list. If you have other testing scenarios and you are succesfull share your findings and I will update this list.

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19 thoughts on “Lync 2013 client with OCS 2007 R2 Infrastructure testing”

  1. Has anyone tried group chat? Chatting with multiple recipients at the same time? I can do this with OCS2007, but was not able to with Lync2010, would like to go to 2013 but we run group conversations between multiple sites so it is a must for me.

  2. My recipients are not receiving my messages when I send them URLs. I get the following error message. Any ideas?

    “When contacting your support team, reference error ID 400 (source ID 239)”

  3. I can login Lync 2013 to the OCS 2007 server. However, I cannot search the address book and only can see the contacts who had already been added to my contacts before. I can search the address book in Outlook 2013 and start the communication there, but it’s not so convenient. Do you meet the same problem? Thanks

  4. I’ve been testing this as well.

    ‘Note’ string in Lync is not visible in any OCS client, nor is Location. Location is not, by default, visible between Lync Clients either unless the receiving user is in the ‘WorkGroup’ or ‘Friends and Family’ relationship group of the user with the Note.

    Distribution Group expansion does not work in Lync client.

    I still haven’t found any concrete work-around for either issue.

  5. Hi Carlos,
    I’m running a prod ocs 2007 r2 and Lync 2013 environment.
    I’m trying to “Lync call” a ocs user (with ocs client) from lync 2013 user (with lync 2013 client). After a few seconds of initiating the call, it drops and blames bad network connection.

    Audio calls from Lync2013Lync2013 are working fine.

    Currently, sip. is pointing to the productive ocs environment. In the lync client “configuration information” the “connected Lync server” is pointing to ocs environment.

    Could this be the issue? Do i have to add another sip. dns entry?
    Does this affect other users who are still on ocs 2007 r2?

    Looking forward for a reply,

    • Okay, I found out, that this problem was caused by one of my two Lync2013 FE-Server, which had all services stopped.
      Additional, i wasn’t able to login during my first FE-Server was down.
      Is this an expected behaviour?
      I thought that the secondary FE should take over all critical services&functionalities such as Logging in ….

  6. I am using OCS 2007 server with disableServerCheck =1

    the following features are not working, any ideas
    1. group chat with OCS 2007 client users
    2. not able the share the screen, have to use livemeeeting separately
    3. not able to search any corporate users or the users who are already added in contacts

    Carlos, you have mentioned that you have tested the screen sharing”
    3.Screen Sharing with internal and external recipients.” — can you share the steps to do it


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