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I was looking for a good book to start the month of December and I found a very interesting book. It is called the 5 Habits To Lead from Your Heart by Johnny Covey.

After reading this great book here is some wisdom that I could grasp from this one.

How do you choose to react to experiences both good and bad? Johnny Covey, the author of 5 Habits to Lead from Your Heart, shares that there are two choices that we make: We can react with your head or you can react with our heart.

Covey says that when we react from our head we are protecting ourselves from what have already happen to us in the past. On the other hand, when we react from our heart we are looking for the progress and possibilities that we can do together.

He describes that there are three P’s of progress.

  • Previous (where you have been or experience)
  • Present (where you are right now)
  • Possible (where you can go all that is possible)
Covey shared his list of 5 habits.
1. Be Courageous

to lead from your heart you need to be courageous. You cannot allow different things to scare you. Sometimes you will make difficult decisions but you will focus your heart to do what is right.

2. Be You

There is only one you in this world. You were given your gifts and talents so you can be you. You need to understand who you are and why do you things in order to allow your heart to lead you and the right decisions and lead your team.

3. Be Present

As a leader, manager or team lead you will be in different situations. But you need to try to be present in the moment not focused on the past or on what happen before. That is very important if you want to allow your heart to be the one leading you. If you are not present you will then allow the previous situations influence your way of leading your team.

4. Be Restored

I called it focused, in this habit the author shared with the reader that it is important to move from what happen in the past and how we did it to a present moment and what we are experiencing now. Events may look or feel similar for we can never go back in time. So we have to focused on what is happening right now.

5. Be a Conscious Creator

To lead from our heart, we need to apply the other 4 habits, starting with bean courageous and not focusing on fear. Then understanding that you can be creative but you don’t have to be like everyone else. You can be different. By being present you can impact your team because you will be focused on the today not on the past. And that will allow you to create new solutions, where others may not.


There you have it. I highly recommend this book as it was a great book. You can order your copy from Amazon by clicking here.

What do you think , leave me a comment and share this article with your friend and family. Until next time.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

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