It’s not whether you get knock down, It’s whether you get up

During our life time, there will be good moments and others not so good. Some of those moments will challenge us and may even be very difficult for us. During those difficult moments, there is a question that we should ask ourselves: What shall I do now?

In the difficult or challenging moments of our life we need to decide. The famous American football coach Vince Lombardi asked this question to his team. He helps them understand that when they get knock down, they have a choice. His influence help the team go and win many Super Bowl Championships.

[shareable cite=”Vince Lombardi”]It's not whether you get knock down, It's whether you get up [/shareable]

His team understood that no matter how many times they are tackled down by the opposing team it’s their choice to get up and keep playing by focusing on their goal.

[shareable cite=”Carlos Vargas”]As leaders is our role to help our team understand what to do during difficult times.[/shareable]

How will we show our team to get up again during difficult times?

In difficult times, we recognize that we have been tackled down.

It is critical to recognize that during the difficult times we may get tackled down. Recognizing this step is not a signed of weakness, it is a sign of strength. Be Learning to recognize it will help you move to the next step.

In difficult times, we got up

After you have realized you got tackle down, you must get up. Before you get up you should look and understand what happen so when you get up you are up for good. Getting up without understanding how you got tackle down it will only get you back down soon. So, spend the time understanding what happen and how to prevent it for the future.

In difficult times, we keep our eyes on our goal.

During the difficult times keep yourself focus on your goal (team or personal). Focusing on your goals will help you see that when you get knock down you can see where you must go and what you may need to do.

After recognizing you have been tackled down, got up and keep your eyes on your goal you will be more intentional on what you do and help your team to be more intentional in the middle of the difficult situations you can encounter.

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