Is your snow blower working

I live in Chicago land area, so snow is not something that will take me by surprise. Last year after our snow season , I prepared our snow blower for storage. Then when they announce this year first snow storm I was confident that I will have no problem.

I was up for some a surprise, we received about 3 to 4 inches of snow. As I have done in the past, I try to turn on the snow blower and for my surprise it did not work. Tried it again, no luck. Tried it a third time and no luck.

So back to the old method of using the snow shovel. During the time that I was shoveling my mind was thinking, why would the snow blower will not start? An interesting thought came into my mind ; “do I expect that my gifts ,strengths or potential will work even do I do not use them all the time”

Interesting thought, I only use the snow blower a couple of times during the year. It is a great machine, when it works , it allows me to clean my driveway and also help the neighbors with their drive way. This year I did not check if the snow blower was ready for winter season, I assumed it was ready and that was my problem.

We all have gifts and talents that when used constantly they help us and others around us. But when we do not use our gifts we will end up having problems or like me having to shovel for 3 hours instead of being inside my house with a good cup of coffee.

Look at the gifts you have and used the regularly. If your (family, team or church group) do not feel they are appreciated and that they can contribute , you will left doing all work by yourself.

After thinking about my snow blower experience I thought I will learn the first time, but I didn't. I forgot to fix my snow blower and the Chicago Land area got hit with a big snow storm with frigid temperatures and I had to go out and shovel again. There will not be a third time. I am fixing my snow blower tomorrow.

Here is what I learn from my failed snow blower experience

  1. Make sure you know your gifts or strengths and used them regularly.
  2. Ask for help early, so you will not get surprised later.
  3. If you depend on someone (snow blower) for a task, make sure to take care of them.
  4. If you need to fix something or someone (snow blower), fix it soon don't wait.

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