HP Hardware Documentation

This is a summary of documents needed to support HP servers.

Video Library of DL equipment:


HP Power Advisor – plug in your server config and get resulting information related to power requirements:


Fine Tuning ProLiant BIOS for Vmware vSphere environment:

Here is a document from Vmware that explains vSphere 4.0 best practices as it relates to performance.


This relates to our recommended BIOS configurations in the vSphere environment per the keys below:

a.      HP Power Regulator = HP Static High Performance Mode (default is HP Dynamic Power Savings Mode)

b.      Minimum Processor Idle State = No C-States (default is C6 State)

c.      Intel QPI Link Power Management = Disabled (default is enabled)

d.      HW Prefetcher = Disabled (default is enabled)

e.      Adjacent Sector Prefetch = Disabled (default is enabled)

f.      DCU Prefetcher = Disabled (default is enabled)

g.      Data Reuse = Disabled (default is enabled)

User Guides provide information on system components, setup, configuration utilities, and troubleshooting.  Great reference documents

DL360 G7 User Guide:


DL380 G7 User Guide:


DL580 G7 User Guide:


iLO3 User Guide


DL580 G7 Memory Configuration (Memory subsystem architecture is spelled out in the attached DL580 G7 quickspecs document).


HP Certified Professional Program for HP ProLiant


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