How to stop hotmail from deleting your emails in your inbox

I have used hotmail for years and there are some things that bother me but , for the most part its been a stable service. A couple of weeks ago I was upgraded to the latest interface for Hotmail and now it is Outlook Mail. For some reason after the upgrade my email volume was cut in half. It was not the spam , it was actual emails were disappearing. After a while, I start noticing that my deleted items was always full event in the morning. So I started to look at it and the emails I was missing where automatically deleted by hotmail. It was not a rule, it looks like it was ignoring them.

Here are the steps to stop your emails from getting deleted.
1. Click on Deleted Items
2. Click the email that was wrongfully deleted
3. Click the 3 dots on the menu bar (…)
4. Click stop ignoring
5. Repeat for each email.

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