How To Move Your BoxDrive To The D:\

Let me say that I love It allows me to have a great number of features for my computer storage needs. One of them is to host all my production videos and files across all my computers. But one annoying issue was how to move it to another drive.

My C drive was hitting 100% utilization just from booting up my PC. I check Antivirus, change SSD drives, Reimage the machine 4 times and I have a decent machine with 16 cores and 256GB of RAM, but the Boxdrive was still using all the time the C:\

My app where dog slow. To open Photoshop or Any app will take 30 – 60 seconds.

So when I start checking the Boxdrive binaries were using 100% of the C:\.

I figured if this can be moved to another drive, the problem will go away.  So after several tryies, I figured out a solution.

Based on their FAQ it is not possible to move the Boxdrive location to another drive. But I figure it out.  Yeap.

I will give you the simple steps to fix your Boxdrive client to and move it to another drive.

NOTE: By the way, this is not supported by Box so if you call them they may not support you but this fixed my issue.

1 . Uninstall Boxdrive

2 . Create Symlink for Boxdrive location.

  • Open command prompt (not powershell)
  • mkdir D:\Box (this will be the drive and location where you want your box data to be)
  • mklink /D c:\users\username\AppData\Local\Box D:\Box

3 . Install Boxdrive again.

4. Login and sync your data.

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2 thoughts on “How To Move Your BoxDrive To The D:\”

  1. Thanks! I was able to get this to work, but for some reason I get super slow write speeds to my HDD. Granted, it would be slower than an SSD, but I’m talking about 4MB/sec so far. Could be that Box is slow this morning, but would this be expected? If I need to get another SSD I will, but not sure if that’s the issue of if a sym link would slow transfers down. For clarification, in this case I have done the sym link trick for the install, but not the registry key to “move” the folder location. Not sure if that would make any difference or not since the cache is the main culprit.


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