How to move a VM to another host without vCenter vMotion

Sometimes it is important to know the manual steps of  the automated task that vCenter executes. This will come handy in the event that vCenter server is down. Here is a list of steps that can help you move a VM from one host to another one without vCenter

  1. Power Off the VM
  2. Right Click the VM and select “Remove from Inventory”
  3. Go to the other host where you want to bring this VM up.
  4. Click Configuration à Storage à Click the datastore where the VM is located
  5. Right click the datastore à Browse datastore
  6. Look for the VM that you want to add on the left pane and click the folder
  7. Look on the right pane for a file with the name of the vm and the vmx extension. Example: server1.vmx
  8. Right click the .vmx file and select add to inventory.
  9. Now go to the server inventory and power on your VM.
  10. If you get a warning message, select I moved the vm.
  11. You should be back in business.

Hopes this helps

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