How to create a Microsoft Failover cluster with PowerShell

In this tutorial we will configure a cluster and the quorum.

Create a Cluster

New-Cluster –Name ClusterName -Node Server1, Server2, Server3 –StaticAddress

Configure Quorum

There different ways to setup the cluster quorum. The Quorum options are: Node Majority, Node and File Share Majority or Node and Disk Majority. I will discuss File Share and Disk Majority.

Disk Share Majority

Create a Folder and assign full permissions to the CNO (Cluster Network Object), and the nodes in another server.


  1. Set-ClusterQuorum –NodeAndFileShareMajority servernameshare
  2. Your will see the quorum for the cluster as you configured it on step 2.


Disk Share Majority

  1. Add the formatted Disk to be managed by the cluster

    Get-ClusterAvailableDisk | Add-ClusterDisk


  2. Configure the quorum configuration to Disk Majority and assign a cluster disk.

    Set-ClusterQuorum –NodeAndDiskMajority “Cluster Disk 1”

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