Generate Self-Signed SSL certificates for Exchange

The built-in Self signed certificate in Exchange 2010 and 2013 will not include multiple names. It only includes the server name. If you need to generate a multi SAN (Subject Alternate Name) Self Signed certificate for a test environment follow the following steps.

  1. Download SelfSSL7 from
  2. Execute: Selfssl7.exe /N;;;   /K 2048 /V 18250 /X /F c:mail_domain_com.pfx /W Password /Q

Switches for SelfSSL

  • /N – DNS Names in the Certificates (ex:;
  • /K – Key length (/K 2048
  • /V – Valid time in days (18250 = 50 years)
  • /I – Configure IIS Bindings
  • /S – Site to Configure
  • /P – Port Number
  • /A – IP Address
  • /T – Trust Certificate (Add certificate to local Certificate Store)
  • /Q – Overwrite the present binding in IIS

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