Fixing the WordPress Redirect Loop for SSL with

After a couple of month with intermittent problems with enabling SSL on my wordpress I found the solution.

Let me start by saying that hosting is fast, but support is bad, so if you are going to try to host your own WordPress in BlueHost it is not like the commercial. But I am not writing to talk about support.

With the changes on Google to rack different website with SSL higher than websites that don't use SSL , I decided to invest in my SSL certificate for the website and pay for the Upgrade Package for BlueHost. But support could never get it up and running. They gave me the basic excuse you need to hire a developer so they can help you answer.

It is enabling SSL on a website. How difficult can it be?

Well it was painful as I call several times and no help. So here is what I end up doing to fix it.


1 .Install Really Simple SSL Plugin: This plugin will enable SSL on the website with a click and you will think that you are done but you have a lot of content that was created with the http://blogurl…… address so all that content will have problems and you may end up with an endless loop of errors and the redirect loop.

2. Install SSL Insecure Content Fixer: This plugin will fix the links for all your blogs and content as it comes in. Before you had to do this manually but now this plugin will fix it for you automatically


3 . Test your site with : This website will let you test your site to make sure that it is working after you enable SSL and show you how you are ranking.

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