Facebook Live Streaming Quick Guide

Facebook released a very interesting feature called Live Streaming. And as the name implies you can Live Stream from where ever you are. It sounds complicated but you can do it in 4 simple steps


1. Grab your Phone and open the Facebook app.

2. Start composing a new Status Update in the Top Left Corner of the Facebook app.


3. Type some information so your Facebook Friends know what you are doing or Live Streaming, then press the Icon that is next to the Camera



4.  Now you are asked to add information to tag your video. Make sure you type correctly not like I did. 🙂 as this is what your friends will see in your video. Then press Go Live to start streaming and Finish when you are done.



5. Your video will appear in your Facebook page and will be saved as a post.


If you want to read the actual documentation here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/help/1636872026560015

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