ESXi 5 Update procedure without Update Manager

If you have to update an ESXi 5 host and you do not have update manager or will like to automate the process. Here are 6 steps that you can follow to apply the updates.

Transfer update via vifs to datastore

vifs –server x.x.x.x –put “[datastore1]”

List the file copied

vifs –server x.x.x.x –dir [datastore1]

Put host in maintenance mode

vicfg-hostops –server x.x.x.x –operation enter

Apply updates

esxcli –server x.x.x.x software vib update -d /path/

Reboot host

vicfg-hostops –server x.x.x.x –operation reboot

Exit from Maintenance Mode

vicfg-hostops –server x.x.x.x –operation exit

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