Endurance is defined as the process by which each one of us takes time to build our self for the current and future challenges.

Sometimes we see our blessings come instantly, others may take some time, while others may take longer to realize.  Our creator has a perfect way and time for everything and understanding it is key for life. When we understand that  have to endure different things in life we will enjoy the journey called life.

When we are waiting our blessings it is important not to set a time or way for The Creator. He knows better than us how to provide what we need, going thru different experiences in life that help's us develop the endurance that we need.

When you trust him you will develop wisdom thru that process. Waiting may looks like a little bit frustrating but this time will develop your character and patience .

There is no one that know this story better than Louis Zamperini. If you don't know Louis he is the main character on the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The book now a movie Unbroken, shows how Louis became athlete and inspiration after he endure different things. His brother show him that if he pushed himself a little bit more, he will achieve great things in school and in life. He won gold medal in the 1936 Olympics, he was a good soldier but the reason that we remember him, is because he endure long suffering after his plane crashed in World Word II. He suffer shark attacks, erratic weather conditions and cruel punishment by his captors.

After all his punishment he was an inspiration to the soldiers in the war camps and everyone that heard his story because he endure thru everything that he suffer. Louis had a dream, he wanted carry the Olympic torch. And after he endure all that suffering he used his suffering as a springboard to help others find the way in the middle of their darkest moment. In 1998 his dream was realized he was able to carry the torch in the Olympic games in Tokyo Japan.

We can learn a lot thru endurance but here are three things that I learned from Louis story.

  1. It is never a good time to endure a difficult situation.
  2. If you stick with it a little bit longer you will pass the difficult time.
  3. When you endure a difficult times you will built your character.

Are you enduring a difficult situation today? Don't give up. I know you can do it our creator made you in his image and he has a purpose for you.

Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/seattlemunicipalarchives/2677136693/

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