Create a Base Virtual Machine in Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V

Now we have your Client Hyper-V installed and the network configured. The next step is to create a virtual machine so you can use it as a template. We will go thru the process on creating your first virtual machine.

1. In your Hyper-V Manager Application, Right Click in your computer name, then click new >Virtual Machine


2. The New Virtual Machine Wizard will start. Press Next.


3. Type a name for your VM. I selected to store the virtual machine in a separated folder to make it easier to move later. Then press Next>.


4. Select Generation 2 for your VM type and press Next>.


5. For this example I will use Windows Server 2012 so we can use Dynamic Memory. Leave the default settings for memory and press Next>.


6. Select your Network Switch. If you followed my post on Configuring Network for Windows 8.1 Client Hyper-V you will see the Internal Switch. Then click Next>.


7. In the Connect Virtual Hard Disk screen you can select the size for the VM storage. By default this will be a differencing disk so you will not allocate all the storage to the VM. Only what is consumed. Type the amount you want in GB then press Next>.


8. Leave the default to install an operating system later and press Next>.


9. Press Finish and your VM will be created with all the parameters you just specified.


You have a fully functional Client Hyper-V machine, with network and a virtual machine. In the next post we will install the Windows 2012 R2 operating system.

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