Configure Windows Server 2012 as a ISCSI Storage Server

Storage Server

The storage server will share its storage with the Hyper-V server(s) and allow for Live VM migration between the Hyper-V servers. The guide will configure iSCSI services but you can also configure this server as an SMB Share for Hyper-V. SMB configuration is beyond the scope of this document.

Install Windows 2012 ISCSI Server Feature

The iSCSI service will allow the Hyper-V server to send SCSI commands via their Ethernet cards to the storage server.

  1. Install Windows 2012 Server
  2. Open a PowerShell Windows
    1. Import-Module ServerManager
    2. Add-WindowsFeature FS-iSCSITarget-Server, iSCSITarget-VSS-VDS

Configure ISCSI Server

Windows Server 2012 includes a new ISCSI Server follow the steps in the Install Windows 2012 ISCSI Server Feature.

  1. In your Server Manager Window click File and Storage Section, Then click ISCSI
  2. Click Tasks , then New ISCSI Virtual Disk.

  3. In the new ISCSI Virtual Disk Wizard, select a drive where to create the ISCSI Virtual Disk

  4. Assign the name for the ISCSI Virtual Disk.

  5. Choose the drive size.








  6. Click New ISCSI Target and press Next.

  7. Select a name for the target. This name will be passed to the servers to identify the ISCSI disk.

  8. Click the Add button to add the ISCSI initiator address.

  9. Select an existing initiator or type the name of the servers.

  10. Repeat previous step for each server that will need access to the ISCSI disk.

  11. Configure the CHAP settings.

  12. Click Create to finish the wizard and create the iSCSI disk.

  13. Press Close

  14. Repeat steps 1 – 12 for each iSCSI disk that is needed.
  15. You can see all your iSCSI disks for your lab in the main iSCSI screen.

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8 thoughts on “Configure Windows Server 2012 as a ISCSI Storage Server”

    • Configure the other Server ISCS Initiator to connect to the ISCSI Server. If your servers are in AD just type the server AD name that you want to connect to the ISCSI Server. Ex. ISCSIClient will connect to ISCSIServer, you type ISCSIClient(The name of your other server). In the example I was adding another Hyper-V server so the name of the server was HV03, so you type HV03 on the top box and click browse. This will use AD to connect to the HV03 server and will get the ISCSI initiator name of that server.

  1. Hi Cavarpe, thank you for the post. I have followed the exact instructions a few times, at the very last stage when i confirm the configuration, it gives me an error message “Unable to connect to the computer”! What am I doing wrong?

    It is really frustrating…..I am creating iSCSI virtual disk on the very same server, why does it say that it is unable to connect to the server?

    Please help me as I am setting up this at home and need to address a client’s request. Thank you so much….Please help….


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