Configure Hyper-V vSAN

One of the best features in Microsoft Windows Server 2012/R2 and Hyper-V Server 2012/R2 is the ability to connect a VM directly to your Fiber Channel Storage Array. This feature is called Virtual HBA or vSAN. In order to get this feature working we need to follow a couple of simple steps to enable it on your servers.

Video to Configure Hyper-V vSAN

Steps to configure our Hitachi FC cards for Hyper-V 2012/R2 vSAN

1. Open an administrator command prompt


2. Change to the HFCtools directory. cd c:program files (x86)HitachidrivershbaHFCtools

3. Enable NPIV function.  hfcmgr -p all npiv enable


4. Reboot the server.

5. After the server is back online, Open your Hyper-V Manager


6. Right Click your server and click Virtual SAN Manager


7. You should be able to create a vSAN



If you see this error when you open your Virtual SAN manager you need to enable your Fiber Channel card NPIV features


Microsoft Reference Articles

Hyper-V Virtual Fibre Channel Overview


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