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¿Cuál es tu coeficiente de liderazgo?

El Coeficiente de Liderazgo es la capacidad en la que un líder ejecuta tareas sin permitir que la mente subconsciente interfiera o impida el proceso de alcanzar tareas y alcanzar metas con rapidez y confianza. He identificado cinco características principales que poseen las personas con un cociente de alto liderazgo. Fortitud emocional Los líderes eficaces […]

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Top Mistakes to Avoid When Following Your Passion

Life is all about deciding to follow your passion, but sometimes the journey can be overwhelming. Following your passion means taking responsibility for your path in life. The tendency is to want to ‘get it right’ on the first try and not make any mistakes. Unfortunately, this never happens. When you try to control a […]

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How to Fix Mono Audio for Your Videos

Video is one of the fastest ways to connect with your audience. But we can’t forget that audio in the video is how most of your message is delivered. So I found myself fixing some video files and needed to fix the audio that was captured as a via a single microphone.  In this video […]