How to configure your Linux Postfix server to forward email to Exchange Server 2013

In every environment you may have different devices and appliances that may need to send email or notifications. This guide will go thru the process on how to configure your Linux server with Postfix Mail Transfer Agent. Thru the guide I will use Ubuntu as the Linux distribution for the demo.

1. Make sure to configure Exchange to accept email for relay. Check this post for how to configure Exchange 2013 to relay your mail for appliances.

2. Install all the required packages. ex. sudo apt-get install mailutils

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Microsoft Ignite Debrief by Exchange Experts – Podcast

The Ignite Debrief (Exchange Version) Podcast is now available. Below are some of the topics discussed by 3 Exchange Experts that were in attendance (Tony Redmond, Michael Van Hybrid & Jeff Guillet): Standalone Exchange Hybrid Configuration Wizard Exchange 2016 Formal Announcement Exchange “Cloudy Attachments” DAG Failovers 2016 Exchange Upgrade Experience …

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Proxy CAS 2010 via CAS 2013 Published via TMG

Here is are the quick steps to update your Exchange 2010 environment after you install our CAS 2013 Update your CAS 2010 ECP/OWA VDIR Authentication  to Windows Authentication Change your CAS 2013 ECP/OWA VDIR Authentication  to Basic Authentication Install your SSL Certificates in your CAS 2013 servers Update TMG Server …

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Exchange Volume Block Size

Introduction Exchange 2010/2013 depend on the Windows operating system when it need to write to the storage volume. Windows can format a LUN or Volume with different block sizes from 4K – 64K. The LUN or Volume should be formatted with the appropriate block size to meet the application workload. …

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Exchange 2013 Public Folders Commands

Prepare your environment for public folders Create database for public folder mailbox New-MailboxDatabase USPFDB1 -Server MBX1 -Edbfilepath D:USPFDB1USPFDB1.edb -LogFilePath D:USPFDB1 Mount-Database USPFDB1 Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy USPFDB1 -Server MBX2 Create Public Folder Mailbox New-Mailbox -Name USPF1 -Database USPFDB1 -PublicFolder -OrganizationUnit “OU=Public Folder Databases OU ,DC=company,DC=com” (use -HoldForMigration switch when creating public folder mailboxes …

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