21 Days to be One with God – Day 13

Joshua, the leader responsible for introducing the people of Israel to the promised land, had very clear and defined the honor that meant serving God alongside his family.

[Shareable] But if serving the Lord seems undesirable to you, then choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your ancestors served beyond the Euphrates or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you are living. But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord. Joshua 24:15 NIV [/shareable]

A family that has trusted Jesus as Savior and decides to serve him is a family that assures his future and that of his generations to come.

Service is a token of God’s gratitude for all the benefits he has given us. To serve is to live in the purpose of our life as it is part of our spiritual DNA. Jesus established the model of service so that we could imitate him (for not even the son of man came to serve him, but to serve and to give his life in ransom for many. Mark 10:45 NIV). He inspired us to serve as his example and sacrifice. It is necessary that parents follow the model of Jesus and inspire their children with their example to develop an attitude of service to God and others. Remember that in order for you to meet God someone had to serve his purpose. God has your family so today I know one of them for the sake of God!

21 Días para ser Uno con Dios – Día 12

Todos sabemos que en la unión hay fuerza, y hay mucha más fuerza si te unes a creerle a Dios junto a tu familia.

La familia de Noé fue la única sobreviviente del diluvio (juicio de Dios). Sobrevivieron porque le creyeron a Dios como familia. El proyecto de construir un arca era algo que Noé no podía completar solo, Él necesitaba de su familia. La construcción del arca que Dios le mandó a hacer duró decenas de años (algunos interpretan que fueron más de 100 años). Durante estos años la familia de Noé tuvo que mantenerse firme en su confianza en Dios a pesar de que no pasaba nada de lo que Él había dicho. Seguramente durante el proceso, ellos tuvieron que superar momentos de duda y de inseguridad para continuar con su misión; pero cuando el diluvio ocurrió, ellos pudieron experimentar el gozo y la satisfacción de haberle creído a Dios como familia.


21 Days to be One with God – Day 12

We all know that there is strength in the Union, and there is much more strength if you join in believing God with your family.

Noah’s family was the only survivor of the Flood (judgment of God). They survived because they believed God as a family. The project of building an ark was something that Noah could not complete alone, he needed from his family. The construction of the Ark that God commanded him to do lasted tens of years (some interpret that it was more than 100 years). During these years Noah’s family had to stand firm in their trust in God even though nothing happened to him that he had said. Surely during the process, they had to overcome moments of doubt and insecurity to continue their mission; But when the flood happened, they were able to experience the joy and satisfaction of believing God as a family.

21 Days to be One with God – Day 11

It is natural to have the desire that our family will do well, to succeed and that nothing bad happens.

However, these human desires and efforts only have a temporal scope. The truth is that your life on Earth is the preparation for your eternity and the choices you make here will have an eternal impact.

21 Days to be One with God – Day 10

Sharing the same DNA is not an exclusive gift for parents and children, also your extended family shares the same blood (grandparents, uncles, cousins, nephews, etc.).


21 Dias para ser Uno con Dios – Dia 10

Compartir el mismo ADN no es un regalo exclusivo para padres e hijos, también tu familia extendida comparte tu misma sangre (abuelos, tíos, primos, sobrinos, etc.).


21 Days to be One with God – Day 9

Children are a gift from God to parents and in the same way, parents are a gift from God to their children.

Knowing that a person “carries your own blood” or said in a more formal way shares your DNA is one of the wonders of God’s plan. The ability of reproduction that God has given to the human being is a miracle. That’s why you get excited when you witness a birth or when you carry a baby in your arms. Life is a miracle that you must learn to value, care for and respect, not only your own life but also your family’s blood.

The relationship between parents and children, children and parents, and the relationship between siblings must be sacred to you (deserves exceptional respect and cannot be offended). Remember that the most valuable treasure God has ever given you on Earth is your family.

And you, fathers, do not anger your children, but críenlos according to the discipline and instruction of the Lord. Make the decision today to be one with those who share the same blood!

21 Días para ser Uno con Dios – Día 9

Los hijos son un regalo de Dios para los padres y de la misma manera los padres son un regalo de Dios para los hijos.

El saber que una persona “lleva tu misma sangre” o dicho de una manera más formal comparte tu ADN, es una de las maravillas del plan de Dios. La capacidad de reproducción que Dios le ha dado al ser humano es un milagro. Es por eso que te emocionas cuando eres testigo de un nacimiento o cuando cargas en tus brazos a un bebe. La vida es un milagro que debes aprender a valorar, cuidar y respetar, no solamente tu propia vida, pero también la de tu familia de sangre.

La relación entre padres e hijos, hijos y padres, y la relación entre hermanos debe ser sagrada para ti (merece un respeto excepcional y no puede ser ofendida). Recuerda que el tesoro más valioso que Dios te ha dado en la tierra es tu familia.

Y ustedes, padres, no hagan enojar a sus hijos, sino críenlos según la disciplina e instrucción del Señor. ¡Toma la decisión hoy de ser UNO con los que comparten tu misma sangre!

21 Days to be One with God – Day 8

Every new family begins with the union between a man and a woman.

This union was the idea and plan of God the Creator Father (God of Covenants), so marriage is a covenant. Not any other legal commitment or contract; Marriage is a covenant of love. According to the dictionary, a “covenant” is an agreement between people, in which they are obliged to fulfill something. Marriage is the commitment voluntarily acquired from loving a person and forming a family next to it. The truth is that it is much easier to say it than to live it! When two people unite to coexist, there are great challenges that arise and must be intentional to achieve and care for the unity to endure.

Marriage is a constant learning workshop. You need to give up selfishness (you don’t always have the right), you must learn to forgive and ask forgiveness (this will be very necessary), you must determine to enjoy your life next to your partner (make her laugh as much as you can), dream together for the future of your family (not just H Ablen of the problems). Especially ríndanle his marriage to God (this is the key to success). Let the Holy Spirit be the Guide to your decisions and when you need help (surely it will be), pídansela someone who can give you wise advice. In love, it is worth everything to become one with your partner!