Video Countdowns for Your Presentations or Webinars

Adding Video To PowerPoint
Watch this video on YouTube.

Keeping your presentation on the schedule is key. Using different media will help you give a professional look for your presentation. I created a couple of countdown videos to use in my presentations and webinars that can help you with yours.

Here you have a playlist with the instructions on how to add it to your presentation and the different countdowns.

English/Spanish Countdowns

Top Tips for Improving Your Marketing Strategy on YouTube

When it comes to marketing your business on YouTube, there is only one golden rule that you need to follow, volume. As soon as you start increasing the number of videos that you upload, you will see an instant uptick in the number of views that your channel sees.

Now, this doesn’t mean you publish low-quality, videos that don’t provide value to your audience. It means that you need to be consistent with posting high-quality content on a regular basis. Here are five other things you can do to improve the marketing strategy on YouTube drastically.

Do Your Research

Before you can start publishing content, you have to get a firm grasp on the landscape. You need to take some time to look at the competition in your market and see what they are doing to succeed. As soon as you’ve got a good grasp on your competition, and you’ve got a good sense of the content they’re publishing, you can start deciding on the content you’re going to develop.

Create Your Content Buckets

One of the best ways to become efficient with your YouTube marketing efforts is to divide and conquer. Your marketing strategy ultimately comes down to choosing a few key areas where you feel you can deliver some kind of value to your viewers, and then mass-producing content that falls into those larger buckets. Once you have your content buckets, you can start creating your videos.

Be Consistent with Your Content

Without consistency, youÕll never be able to build a loyal audience. The best way to build consistency with your videos is to set the tone from the start, so your audience knows what to expect. Start by making an introduction video that explains the kind of content youÕll be creating and how often youÕll be publishing, and make sure you follow through.

Add Subtitles to Your Videos

One of the best tools that YouTube has integrated into their video upload capabilities is the ability for publishers to add subtitles to their content. While it may not seem like a big deal, most people watch videos on their phones with the sound turned off. Without this secondary option, people are going to skip right on by. Subtitles allow viewers to watch videos in any setting.

With more people visiting YouTube in a year than Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined, it’s more important than ever for your business to start publishing online video content. With the right marketing strategy, you can begin to build a loyal audience and start to grow your business.

Top 5 Ways to Gain More Social Media Followers

If you own a small business, you are probably well aware of how important social media can be for increasing your bottom line. However, getting started on social media can be incredibly daunting.

With all the different options and ways to gain followers, one can quickly become overwhelmed. Here are the top five ways your business can gain more social media followers and increase your bottom line.

1. Create Strong Profiles and Pages

The best way to start growing your audience on any of the social media platforms is to create strong profiles and pages for your accounts. You need to include branded cover photos as well as profile photos, and detailed descriptions of your business.

2. Share Quality Content

As you begin your journey to gain more social media followers, you need to create and share high-quality, value-added content that your target audience will enjoy. This can include blog content, videos, podcasts, infographics, presentations, etc. This content can be created by you or by others.

3. Add Links

Not only do you want to be sure to include links to all your social media profiles on your business website, but you want to include your site link in all your social media profiles. It will also help to add links to your top social accounts in your email signature. Adding these links will help you to expand your reach and broaden your exposure.

4. Use Friend-Finding Features

Most of the social media networks provide ways for their users to connect with other people they know. As you first start to use social media to build your brand, you want to ask people you know to follow your account. By having them like and follow you on different platforms, you gain more exposure to a broader audience base.

5. Cross-Promote Your Social Accounts

If you already have a large audience on one of your social media accounts, why not use that to your advantage. Ask followers to connect with you on your other accounts. This can be as simple as sending out a tweet to your Twitter followers asking them if they are on Instagram, and if they are, asking them to follow you there as well.

Growing your social media followers is easy to do but will take some time. The more effort you put into creating valuable content for your target audience the more followers youÕll gain.

How to Market on Social Media and Gain More Followers

Utilizing social media to grow your business, generate leads, and build your brand may seem like a monumental task. However, there are specific things that you can do to increase your chances of success. Whether you are just getting started with marketing your business on social media or have been active on sites like Twitter and Facebook for years, but haven’t achieved much success, here are some proven techniques to help you gain more followers.

Create a Plan

If you don’t take the time to plan your social media marketing strategy, you will never achieve success. Don’t make the mistake of blindly jumping into social media without a solid plan. Your plan should consist of mini-plans for each of the social media platforms that you plan to use.

Post Consistently

Sending out a single tweet in a day isn’t going to cut it. While certain platforms like Snapchat and Instagram don’t move as fast as Twitter and Facebook, it still is essential to develop a posting schedule and stick to it. If you aren’t publishing new content on a regular basis, your business will quickly be forgotten.

Post More Images

Photos have been shown to be the most popular kind of content for engagement on social media. They continue to be the most shared kind of post on Facebook. It’s not a coincidence that both Pinterest and Instagram have been able to gain a ton of traction over the last several years. It’s never been easier to add images to your social media posts with a vast array of free and low-cost tools to help.

Interact with Your Audience

Interacting with your audience on your social media channels can be a game changer. The entire purpose of social media is to engage and socialize with others. This means it is imperative for you to interact on a regular basis with your audience. Engaging with your audience means replying to other people’s posts, retweeting, adding people to Twitter lists, liking posts, and adding @mentions to your posts. It is essential for you to switch from one-way communication to two-way communication if you want to build your audience.

With these social media marketing tips, you’ll be well on your way to establishing your brand and building an engaging and valuable audience across all your social media channels. Some of the largest brands have found success with these tactics, and they can work for your business too.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Instagram Marketing

As Instagram, the photo and video-sharing social media platform has become more popular; it has created significant possibilities for businesses to connect with their customers and market their brand.

If you’ve never considered using Instagram for your business, it might be time you did. With over 300 million active monthly users, it’s a social media platform that you shouldn’t be overlooking. Here are several of the best ways you can leverage your Instagram account to grow your business and achieve success.

Be Consistent

If you want to make the most out of your marketing efforts on Instagram, you need to post on a regular basis. You never want to go more than a couple of days between posts if you’re going to avoid being forgotten about. Once you establish a routine for posting photos, it is easy to continue to add more photos frequently.

Be Friendly

ItÕs rare for a company to have a built-in fan base. To start expanding your reach and exposure, search for hashtags that are in line with your industry. If you own an ice cream parlor, search for photos of ice cream and ÔlikeÕ and comment on them. Potential fans will be thrilled that youÕre checking them out, which might lead to them following you. The critical thing to remember is that you want to be genuine with your comments and not desperate.

Edit Outside of Instagram

While Instagram offers an abundance of editing tools and filters, sometimes they’re a bit too much. When it comes to editing your photos, simple is best. There are numerous free and low-cost online editing tools that you can use to edit your photos before posting them to your Instagram account.

Use Hashtags

A great way to help others find you on Instagram is by using hashtags. Using relevant hashtags in your posts can be highly effective for getting noticed. To determine the best hashtags to use for your business, look at other established brands in your industry for examples of what to do when it comes to creating unique hashtags. While Instagram allows a maximum of 30 hashtags, using fewer will get you the quality responses you want.

As Instagram continues to be a shining star in the world of social media, it has proven itself extremely valuable for businesses. When done right, large amounts of traffic can be driven toward your company helping to boost customer engagement and increasing your brand recognition.

How to Build Your Brand on Twitter

As of the moment I wrote this article, Twitter had more than 328 million active monthly users on its site.

This makes Twitter a potentially powerful business marketing tool if you know how to use it. Leveraging the popular 280-character social media site to drive more traffic to your business doesnÕt have to be difficult. Here are the top tips for successfully marketing on Twitter and building your brand.

Optimize Your Twitter Bio

To get the most out of Twitter, you need to make sure that your company voice and identity are branded and optimized. This means that your bio needs to tell people who you are and include a link to your landing page or website. It is also essential that you keep a consistent tone with all of your Tweets so that people can clearly understand who you are and what your business does.

Interact with Your Industry Influencers

As you begin to post to Twitter, find out who the experts and influencers are in your industry and interact with them regularly. You can use Twitter search or similar tools to find like-minded customers and influencers by searching the keywords that are related to your industry. Once you discover the right people, follow them and interact with them on a daily basis.

Tweet Regularly

One sign of an active and healthy profile is regular tweeting. If you are only tweeting once a week, or once a month people are going to forget about you and your business. To stay on the top of your audienceÕs mind on a consistent basis, you need to send out daily postings. The information you tweet needs to be useful and relevant that your followers will read, click on, and retweet.

Offer Discounts to Twitter Followers

Run Twitter contests to get your followers engaged with your business. You can give a specific number of people who retweet your posts special discounts off your products or services or hold a random drawing based on the people that upload pictures of them using your product or visiting your store.

Integrate it With Your Other Marketing Efforts

Twitter will become much more useful for your business if you integrate it with your other marketing activities. By engaging your audience in more than one marketing effort, you are increasing your reach and followers.

Like all the other social media platforms, the more effort you put into your marketing efforts, the higher the chances of you finding success. These simple tips can help you maximize your marketing efforts on Twitter to build your brand and increase your followers.

Dramatically Increase Your Twitter Following with These 5 Tips

Unless you are a celebrity like Katy Perry or Barack Obama, you’re going to have to work hard to build your initial following on Twitter. Rather than making slow-and-steady progress, you need to treat your Twitter account as a priority for a couple of months and create lots of content.

Studies have shown that the more you tweet, the quicker you can build your followers. To help you dramatically increase your twitter following, here are five methods you can try.

Utilize Your LinkedIn and Email Connections

Studies have shown that you are more likely to be followed by someone that you already know. One easy way to do this is by finding your LinkedIn connections on Twitter and following them. While Twitter doesnÕt have a way to do this, you can export your contacts into a .CSV file and upload them to your email account contacts. From there you can import your email contact into Twitter.

Schedule Your Tweets

There are several free and low-cost tools that you can use to schedule your tweets. Using tools like Hootsuite, save you time and ensure that you are tweeting on a regular basis. When you post content on a regular basis, you tend to see more engagement and have more followers.

Tweet Inspirational Quotes

Quotes tend to see more significant engagement on Twitter because people enjoy reading them and sharing them with their friends and followers. You can use a free app like Forismatic, to receive a wide variety of inspiring quotes that you can post to Twitter instantly. Along with increasing engagement, this will also save you time.

Join a Twitter Chat

Groups within various industries get together on Twitter every week to talk about multiple topics. When you join these chats and engage with others in your industry, you are given the opportunity to meet new people in your industry, play the role of an industry expert, and gain valuable information.

Respond to People

Consider following users who engage in the same posts that you do. When you comment on, favorite, or retweet a post on Twitter, it will show other users that you are interested in the same type of content, making them more inclined to follow you.

Using Twitter for your small business will help to bring in new customers. Users are more likely to buy from brands that they follow on Twitter, making it a powerful tool to help grow your business. Utilize these tips to increase your followers and grow your business.

Best Ways to Boost Facebook Engagement

Facebook continues to be one of the most popular and influential social media platforms in the world with more than one billion active users. As a business, you can no longer continue to leave Facebook out of your online marketing strategy. If you want to grow your business, you have to have a presence on Facebook. However, to be successful, and build your Facebook fan base, you have to be engaged with your audience. Here are five of the best ways that you can boost Facebook engagement and increase your fan base.

Ask Questions

A great way to spark dialogue with your audience is to ask them questions. It is by far one of the easiest ways and best methods to boost audience engagement on your Facebook fan page. There are various types of questions that you can ask to get your fans talking.

Get the Timing Right

When it comes to uploading content to your Facebook page, timing is crucial. The last thing that you want to do is update your wall when everyone is working or asleep. Numerous studies have proven that the best way to engage with your audience is to post at 9 am, 1 pm, and 3 pm. These are the times that your audience is most likely to check for updates. If you don’t think you can remember to post at these times, you can always utilize a free scheduling tool to ensure you get the timing right.

Include Call to Actions

Placing a call to action on your page instills psychological nudges that can help you drive your audience to respond the way you want. Something that many businesses miss when they update their Facebook page is a call to action. People tend to respond better when they are told what to respond to.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Due to Facebook’s newest algorithm, only a small fraction of your audience will get to see the wall posts on your Facebook page. If you want to boost the engagement of your audience, you can promote it through page post story ads, which will help your posts reach more people.

Posting Frequency

The frequency that you post has been shown to have a significant effect on Facebook engagement. According to recent studies, businesses that post one or two times per day have 40 percent higher engagement rate than those who post more than three times per day.

What works for some businesses may not work for others when it comes to boosting audience engagement. However, these tips have proven to help increase engagement when used correctly.

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get More Fans on Facebook

Today, an estimated 40 million small businesses are utilizing Facebook to promote their business and connect with their customers. Trying to attract new “likes” to your page can be a challenge, but one that is well worth the effort.

One study found that the average value of a single Facebook fan is $174. While this number varies depending on your business and industry, capturing the loyalty of your target audience is essential. Here are five guaranteed ways to attract more visitors and garner more fans on Facebook.

1. Images

A regular part of your Facebook content strategy should revolve around images. Posting captivating and relevant pictures to your Facebook page is an excellent way for you to increase engagement with your audience. As your audience shares the photos that you post, you’ll begin to see a boost in your reach, leading to more exposure and fans.

2. Produce Great Content

One of the quickest ways to lose fans is by posting less than stellar content. The most common reason people will, unlike a brand page, is because the business continues to post uninteresting content. Keep more of the fans that you’ve already gained by creating engaging content that adds value and meets the needs of your audience.

3. Hold a Contest

People love to win stuff. Holding a contest on your business Facebook page is still a great way to persuade people to like your page. It is essential to spread the word about the contest on your website as well as sending the information about it to your email list. If the contest is inventive enough, you’ll be able to spread your reach even further and gain more fans. Just make sure that you make “liking” your page a requirement for your contest.

4. Buy Them

Facebook has some of the most targeted advertising at your disposal. You can use Facebook advertisements to drive more people to your page with the hopes of converting them into fans. With this method, it is crucial that you have a compelling call to action on your page to turn these new fans into customers.

5. Cross Promote

A part of your overall social media strategy should include cross-promoting your content across multiple social media platforms. Drive some of your Twitter or YouTube followers over to your Facebook page by providing them with high-quality content and quality engagement on your Facebook fan page.

Just like with all your marketing efforts, it is going to take some time to build your fan base on Facebook. By creating great content and engaging with your audience youÕll turn your Facebook Fan page into a thriving community.

Tu creencia en ti mismo su clave para el éxito

Si usted está leyendo esto, usted está buscando una manera de salir de la mediocridad o el fracaso de la llanura que está experimentando en su vida.

Está bien admitirlo. No hay vergüenza en tratar de encontrar una solución. ¿Qué es vergonzoso ocultar el problema y fingir que todo está bien?

Ahora que estamos en la misma página, necesito que prestes atención a la silla en la que estás sentado mientras lees este artículo. Parece robusto. Obviamente, es capaz de mantener su peso. Está haciendo su trabajo muy bien, pero ¿sabía usted justo antes de sentarse a leer este artículo, que tenía que tomar una decisión rápida.

De hecho, pasó tan rápido que probablemente ni siquiera lo sabías. Aún así, necesitas tomar esa decisión. ¿de qué estoy hablando? Estoy hablando de tu evaluación del estado físico de la silla. Eso es un gran problema, porque si usted se sentó en la silla sin pensar y sin siquiera considerar si la silla es lo suficientemente robusta para mantener su peso o si está bien colocada, es probable que se caiga de un momento al otro en el piso.

Puede que incluso te lastimes. La creencia es la razón por la que rápidamente pasó por la emoción de sentarse antes de que pueda leer este artículo. Crees que la silla aguantaría tu peso. Usted cree que está en la forma suficientemente buena para cuidar de usted y evitar que le haga daño.

Te acompañaré a través de este ejercicio para traer a casa el punto de que la creencia es crucial para tu existencia diaria. Lo haces todo el tiempo. Usted opera fuera de la creencia. Vives en la creencia. La creencia es el pegamento que ata y mantiene tu vida unida. Le informa a sus decisiones que hacen su vida posible.

Si puedes creer que esta silla puede sostenerte ¿por qué sigues creyendo en cosas que te detienen? Si usted está luchando en cualquier forma es porque usted cree en las cosas están equivocadas. Sé que duele; Sé que apesta.
Nadie quiere oír esto porque lleva a la conclusión final que todos necesitamos despertar. Somos los autores de nuestra vida. Hacemos esa llamada. Hacemos esa decisión y nada pica más que enfrentarnos a la realidad que hiciste malas decisiones.

Si usted está luchando en sus relaciones, en su trabajo, con su salud, lo mucho que pesa, y lo que parece, es porque usted hizo la llamada equivocada. A nadie le gusta estar equivocado. Pero la buena noticia es que no tienes que depender de tus sentimientos.

No tienes que permanecer atrapado o al menos te sientes atrapado. En su lugar, usted puede aprovechar el poder de la creencia para que pueda tomar mejores decisiones. Entiendes que al mundo no le importan tus sentimientos. Realmente no le importa un bledo lo que es su estado emocional.

¿Sabes a qué le presta atención? Son tus acciones. Ponga en orden su creencia y usted tomará mejores decisiones. Esto significa tomar una mejor acción que ponga su vida en una mejor posición.

La creencia impacta sus expectativas y suposiciones. Empieza ahí. ¿Qué supones que es verdad sobre ti? Es tu vida, tu lugar en el mundo, y tus capacidades. ¿Qué esperas de la vida? Esto también es una creencia.

La buena noticia aquí es que así como usted puede aceptar ciertas creencias. Puedes dejarlos como una patata caliente. En serio, la creencia afecta la forma de lidiar con los golpes; afecta la forma de enfrentar las cosas dificiles.

Entender cómo funciona la creencia y entender que la creencia es una opción. Elija mejores creencias y obtendrá mejores resultados. Es así de simple.