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25 Websites to Get Free Images

If you want connect and communicate effectively a picture is worth 1000 words. Many times we try to look for images and the first thing people do is just to a search and then they copy the images. Even do that may be the easiest way to do it, it is not the correct way as you do not own those images. Across the years I have learn and found several


Pexels  is one of my favorite websites. It provides high quality and completely free stock photos licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. All photos are nicely tagged, searchable and also easy to discover through our discover pages.


Photographers generosity is spreading like a wildfire. The website has a large collection of high-quality digital photographs and all for free.


Burst is a microsite created with a lots of quality product and lifestyle pictures all for free.


Photographer ,Daria, has put together a collection of photos that anyone can download and use in their projects. The images are great content backdrops.


Picjumbo is full of royalty-free stock images that don’t require any type of attribution.

IM Free

IM Free is a curated collection of high-quality images broken down into different categories.


Morguefile is a free photo archive “for creatives, by creatives.” Founded by Michael Connors in the early Internet days of 1996, the site was created to serve as a free image exchange for creative professionals and teachers to use in their work. This same mission remains true today: we are a community-based free photo site, and all photos found in the Morguefile archive are free for you to download and re-use in your work, be it commercial or not. The photos have been contributed by a wide range of creatives from around the world, ranging from amateur photo hobbyists to professionals.


Freeimages was launched in February 2001 as an alternative for expensive stock photography. The idea was to create a site where creative people could exchange their photos for inspiration or work. The site has evolved into the massive community you see today — there are over 2,500,000 registered users and around 400,000 photos online.

New Old Stock

New Old Stock is a great website for looking for old style or vintage photos.


this website provides “Free high-resolution photos. Use them however you like.” However, if you’re after a bit of inspiration, it’s definitely worth a visit.


Good-looking free pics that you can use for pretty much anything.

Jay Mantri

A beautifully collection of photos of landscapes and abstract objects which are all the work of one designer.


Dutch Artist Folkert Gorter’s website is a great source of images. His collections of photos and paintings are great for any post or presentation. All you need to do is give him credit.

Public Domain Archive

Top quality images organized in to modern, vintage and weekly images. This are top quality images and the best thing is that they are high quality.


Free high-resolution pictures you can use on your personal and commercial projects. Click on an image to download the high-resolution version. New awesome pictures added weekly!  All pictures were photographed by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions.

StockSnap is the best place on the internet to find beautiful free stock photos. Highest resolution pictures and add them to the database on a daily basis. This is not your typical crappy stock photo site. All photos uploaded to the site are released under Creative Commons – CC0 and do not require attribution. No more hassle trying to figure out whether you can use photos for commercial use and whether you need to provide attribution.

Negative Space

This is a nifty website to have in your toolbox. The photos on offer are colorful and ooze quality. They have a handy list of categories and a unique “copy space” filter. What’s that? Basically, you use the filter to specify in what position you want to add text to the photo (like an article headline) and it will return results that match your request. Pretty handy, right?


On Pixabay you may find and share images free of copyrights. All pictures are released under Creative Commons CC0 into the public domain.


This website offers a mix of categories all stuffed full of good-looking photos. There’s no catch. Just find, download, and use as you wish. Simple.

Snapwire Snaps

The good folks at Snapwire, a platform for requesting custom photographs, offer 7 free pics every 7 days. The images are always high-quality, good-looking, and free for you to use as you like.


This website includes a great mix of high-quality photos and abstract photos.


Moment (MMT) provides free CC0 photography for personal and commercial use on websites, projects, themes, apps, and more.

Life of Pix

Life of Pix is a collection of high-res, photos. All pictures are absolutely no copyright restrictions. In addition to pics it also includes free video footage.


Kaboompics is a collection of High Quality Photos offered for free to bloggers, website owners, small businesses, freelancers & social media ninjas.


Unsplash is a collection of beautiful “do whatever you want” photos. What does that mean? Exactly what it says on the box.


There you have it. I know you will use this sites to create amazing websites, posts and presentations. Share this post with your friends and family members.

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10 inspirational quotes than can improve yourself

It is really interesting how do people go through the usual part of life when faced with vein-popping stress.

Is there room for the intellectual side of people who can actually smell the roses-in-a-can while on the move? It had me thinking that there really must be something in this ‘mind-over-matter’ thing.

Humor is indeed the best medicine there is whenever you are. I mean anyone can pay good money to listen to a comedian just to make you wet your pants after laughing so hard. Despite of what’s been happening, and to those who has gone though the ordeal, it’s better to just laugh while facing the troubles with a clear mind than anger with a clouded vision. One of the funniest celebrities of all time may have to be Woody Allen. Now this is one guy who gives you the in-your-face bluntness that he pulls out with gusto, even without even trying. You can talk just about anything with a man, and he’s bound to mock the subject and you’ll end up laughing rather than being upset about it.

Woody Allen has this to say:

1. “Money is better than poverty, if only for financial reasons.” It sounds good to me, I mean the practicality of all things does involve money but it doesn’t have to take an arm and a leg to get it.

2. Right now it’s only a notion, but I think I can get the money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea.

3. “There are worse things in life than death. Have you ever spent an evening with an insurance salesman?” This happens to be one of the classic ones. I mean the issue about life’s little problems isn’t all that bad, until ‘he’ shows up.

Sure, relationships can get complicated, or does have its complications that probably any author about relationships is bound to discover it soon. We follow what our heart desires, unless you’re talking about the heart as in the heart that pump blood throughout your body.

4. I’m not afraid to die, I just don’t want to be there when it happens.

5. Seventy percent of success in life is showing up

6. If you’re not failing every now and again, it’s a sign you’re not doing anything very innovative.

7. I am not afraid of death, I just don’t want to be there when it happens. If it rains, it pours.

8. I am thankful for laughter, except when milk comes out of my nose. It could get worse when you’re guzzling on beer… or mouthwash, and it happened to me once!

9. If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans. At least he doesn’t smite us with lightning, and I’m thankful for that.

And despite of what may happen to all of us in the next ten, twenty, or even thirty years, I guess we all have to see things in a different kind of light and not just perspective. I can’t seem to imagine life without any piece of wisdom that could guide us. Whether we’re religious or not, it takes more courage to accept your fears and learn how to deal with them is all that matters when it comes to even just getting along.

And to sum things up, here is the last nugget of wisdom to go by… however, whenever, and wherever we may be.

10. “The talent for being happy is appreciating and liking what you have, instead of what you don’t have.”

Until next time. Make it a great day.

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Display Ubuntu VM IP Address in Hyper-V Manager

Installing Ubuntu in a Hyper-V Virtual Machine is very easy and it is beyond the scope of this post. But how do we get it to report its IP address back to Hyper-V manager? Based on Microsoft documentation all recent versions of Ubuntu 13.xx and newer includes the LIS (Linux Integration Services) packages build into it.

So why can we see the IP address?



Here is why?

There is a daemon and a couple of tools missing and we need to install them. You will need to install the following packages

  • hv-kvp-daemon-init
  • linux-tools
  • linux-cloud tools


Here is a one line to install the packages

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install hv-kvp-daemon-init linux-tools-$(uname -r) linux-cloud-tools-$(uname -r) -y


After you install the packages execute the following commands in order to test the new daemons

  • hv_fcopy_daemon
  • hv_kvp_daemon
  • hv_set_ifconfig
  • hv_vss_daemon
  • hv_get_dns_info



Then shutdown your VM. (This is important you need to shut it down not reboot. For some strange reason reboot will not work)

  • sudo shutdown -h now



Power On your VM  via PowerShell or the Hyper-V Manager and you will see your IP Address in the Networking Tab



Hope this helps you. If you have any questions leave me a comment.

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5 things to be grateful in the morning

Image by: Scott Cresswell

Each day there are so many reasons why to feel good about each one of ourselves. Each day has different opportunities to feel great and to use our gifts to glorify our Creator. I start thinking of all the things that our Creator does for us every day and how that will encourage me. Hope you enjoy this quick list is of encouragement to you too.

1. I opened my eyes.
Each morning when I opened my eyes it is an opportunity to rejoice. Our Creator has given me a new opportunity to see the light of a new day. That is a privilege as so many people do not open their eyes in the morning. Our Creator has given each one of us another day because we are important, he has a plan for our life. The new day he just gave us has a purpose and we must use it to fulfill his purpose in our life.

When you open your eyes remember that he allow you to open your eyes so you can see the wonderful things he has for you in his will. Psalms 119:18 (Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law).

2. You can get up from bed.
After we open our eyes many of us, have the privilege to get up from our beds. If you are one of those privilege human beings, thank him because you can get up. By getting up from bed each day we are getting ready to fulfill the purpose he has for each of our lives. Each one of us is placed in a strategic place in this wonderful planet. The reason that we are placed in our family or job is so we can shine for our Creator.

So get up from bed and shine. Isaiah 60:1 (Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the Lord has risen upon you.)

3. Eat some food for breakfast.
Like we already established that our Creator thinks very highly of each one of us and he has a plan and purpose for each one of us, we need to eat in the morning. What ever you have open your mouth and bless our Creator for the wonderful blessing that he brings to your table. A good breakfast is good but the most important detail is prepare your heart and feed it correctly for the rest of your day.

Thank your Creator for what he will do for you today in your life.
Genesis 9:3 ESV (Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you. And as I gave you the green plants, I give you everything.)
Psalm 34:8 (The Message) (Open your mouth and taste, open your eyes and see – how good God is. Blessed are you who run to him.)

4. Education
Each day has different opportunities. One of those opportunities is to learn or to educate us in different areas. From small kids to experience grandparents, education is critical in our life. I am not talking about special schools or prestigious universities. I am talking about our attitude towards learning. When we have an attitude towards learning something new every day it will help you grow.

A good attitude will help us grow in different areas in our life.
Proverbs 4:13 ESV (Keep hold of instruction; do not let go; guard her, for she is your life.)

5. Have someone looking over you.
Each one of us may do great things in life, but sometimes we make mistakes. Alexander Pope asserted “To err is of humans, to forgive divine”. We all know that our Creator can forgive us. Sometimes we need someone who will care for us and help us thru those difficult times.

Accept those people who are care for us
Proverbs 13:24 ESV (Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.)


What do you think? Can you rejoice in this wonderful day? Leave me a comment

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How to Integrate a video file shared via HCP Anywhere into a WordPress Blog

This is a quick how to demo to integrate a video file shred via HDS HCPAnywhere into a WordPress Blog. For more information about HCP Anywhere you can go to the HDS Website


1. Shared the video via HCP Anywhere portal page. Make sure it is shared publicly.

2. Copy the shared link.

3. Paste your link into your favorite WordPress Video Player.

Note: I am using the Flowplayer HTML 5 player for this demo

[flowplayer id=”1285″]