AWS Elastic Beanstalk S3 Bucket and Access Denied

After working with AWS for a while , I decided to clean up some of my old deployments. After removing one of my Elastic Beanstalk application deployments it left a bucket in S3. So I tried to delete it and I got Access Denied.


After a little digging and some reading, I found the way to remove it.

Steps to remove left over Elastic Beanstalk S3

1. Login to your S3 console

2. Click the bucket that you need to delete

3. Click the bucket policy button

4. In the bucket policy editor. Look for the “Effect”: “Deny”, statement

5. Change the “Deny” statement to “Allow”. Press Save and then OK.

6. Now you should be able to right click your bucket and delete the bucket

7. Old Elastic Beanstalk S3 bucket removed

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