Adding drivers to Microsoft AzureStack TP2 CloudBuilder.vhdx

So Microsoft release their latest Technical Preview of Azure Stack and everyone looks to be exited about it. Of course it is bringing the power of Azure to your datacenter or in my case to my basement 🙂 .  After downloading the bits and extracting it. I found was stuck. I couldn't boot the server I was going to use for it. It works for before, what happen now?

I found out that it the latest build it looks like not all the drivers are in the VHDX file. So here is a quick way to add the drivers.

Steps to add drivers to your AzureStack TP2 Cloudbuilder.vhdx file.

  1. Install your OS as normal
  2. Extract the AzureStack TP2 bits
  3. Mount the Cloudbuilder.vhdx file (you should see a D:\ and E:\)
  4. use dism to add your drivers. Ex: (dism /Image:e:\ /Add-Drivers /Drivers:c:\vendorname /Recurse
  5. Right click on E: and click Eject.
  6. Run the PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1 script. Ex: C:\AzureStack_TP2_SupportFiles\PrepareBootFromVHD.ps1 -CloudBuilderDiskPath c:\CloudBuilder.vhdx -ApplyUnattend

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