Active Directory Auto-Replication Script

While working in my lab I found that my replication between sites was not working as fast as I needed. So I created a script to trigger the repadmin command every 5 minutes.

Create Auto-Replication.ps1 file

  1. Open Notepad or your favorite powershell editor
  2. Type this line: 1..2094|foreach {start-sleep -s 5;cmd /c repadmin /syncall /AeP}
  3. Save file as Auto-Replication.ps1

 Change PowerShell Execution

  1. Open PowerShell Administrator Window
  2. Change execution to remotesigned: Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigne

Execute the Script

  1. Now you can call your Auto-Replication.ps1 . It will run for a week before it stops.

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