7 Ted Talks To Inspired You.

TED talks have quickly become an important learning and inspiration tool for today professionals. They help people in all kinds of walks of life with knowledge and inspiration.  There's wonderfully amazing about seeing and hearing someone communicate directly.

These 7 TED talks are some of my favorite sessions.  These are great place to start, especially if you are looking to Ascend to a new level and become the best version of you.

Dan Gilbert

Dan Gilbert is the author of Stumbling on Happiness. He is a Harvard psychologist and he takes exception to the idea that happiness lies in getting what we want.
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Brené Brown

Brené  is a great speaker , using her insight and humor, she shares findings from her research and how it leads her in the area of  human connection with oneself and others.
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Richard St. John

Richard St. John shared his story and importance of tenacity and the nature of success.
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Shawn Achor

Have you ever hear that you have to work hard in order to be happy? What if you it is the opposite? You need to be happy in order to be more productive. Psychology teacher Shawn Achor will share how happiness will help us be more productive.
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Larry Smith

Your passions define who you are. Larry Smith share with us,  how you should not settle for anything than dream and passions.
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Tony Robbins

What motivates us influence what we do. Coach Tony Robbins share with what compels us to do different things and how our motivation impact what we do.
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John Wooden

Coach John Wooden share his thoughts and wisdom including values and lessons from his time as a coach in Ohio State and the difference between winning and succeeding.
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