3 lessons from the robin and the hawk

I was playing outside with my 6-year-old son and his 2 cousins. It was a great afternoon, gorgeous weather, not too hot, not too cold and all the sudden we notice something amazing. There was a quick high pitch noise coming from our neighbors backyard. We say a small bird, a robin,  flying and right behind him was a hawk.

Initially I thought , it is lunch time and the hawk is getting his lunch. The kids where amaze and how the robin was flying away from the hawk.  The little robin kept flying and moving side to side. While he was doing that you could hear him making a very high pitch noise.

All the sudden we start seeing other birds coming close by and standing on the roof of our neighbors house. I think I counted about 20 birds, then something amazing happen. It was like the small bird(robin), gave the other birds a command and all the other birds around him jumped in and start attacking the hawk.  Then for about five minutes the tables got turned and now the hawk was chased by the small birds.

I remember seeing something similar long time ago in my early teen years back in the Puerto Rico. This was an amazing scene, the kids where all exited and cheering for the small birds, so we start following them all around the neighborhood to see what happen.

At the end the hawk flew away without hurting the bird. I bet that the bird was very happy . All the sudden I wished I could talk to that bird to find out what he felt during the time the hawk attack him and what he learned ( I know it is a little too much but follow me and you will see how the story ends).

Looking at that scene I thought how many times we are like thee little bird. We are free and we fly where ever we want without anyone bothering us, but then something happens. Sometimes a hawk comes our way and everything changes. Here are a couple of lessons I learned from this experience.


Lessons from the robin:

1. When the difficult situation comes your way  (The Hawk) face it.

Many times in our life we are faces with situations at  work, or in our relationships , or with ourselves  and we prefer not to face them.  IF we see ourselves as the robin, he faced his situation, we need to face our situation. Sometimes the situation is a life and death like the robin, other times is not that critical but we need to face it, in order to achieve our victory.

2. Call for help early on.

The robin called for his backup (other robins in the area), and they start communicating with each other while he was trying on his own to deal with his problem. Like the robin we have the option to call for help. Another set of eyes can help us look at problem or situation in a different way.   Relying on your team , family, organization  or friends can help you see your situation differently.

3. Allow others to help you.

When I was watching the robins they were getting impatient to jump in and help, but they did not help until the one being attacked gave them the command (or at least that is what I observed 🙂 ).  This is very important you will have people close to you that may want to help you . They are eager to jump in and help you in your situation, but they need your queue and leadership to know what they need to do.  As soon as you let them in and let them bring their ability and talents you will be able to conquered your situation.

What situation (Hawk) are you facing today that makes you think there is no way out? Think about the little, robin  look for others to help you. Together you will achieve your victory.

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