21 Days to be One with God – Day 11

It is natural to have the desire that our family will do well, to succeed and that nothing bad happens.

However, these human desires and efforts only have a temporal scope. The truth is that your life on Earth is the preparation for your eternity and the choices you make here will have an eternal impact.

The only way to have life doubly assured (eternal life and Life on Earth) is to paying your heart to God and deposit all your trust in Jesus as your savior. To be saved is to be protected from eternal death and to have the promises of God in your favor while you live on Earth. Although salvation is personal, there is an undeniable reality: “If you open the door to God, your whole family will have the opportunity to have a meeting with God and to reach salvation through Jesus.”

Your family may not understand your faith in God (even being mocked and criticized), but you must have the confidence that at some point your eyes will open up to meet the creator Father God you have known. The key is that someone must take the risk first. Open the door to God and be one with your family for your salvation!

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